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Emojo Caddy Vs Caddy Pro Electric Trike

When it comes to the best electric bikes 2020, two options that stand out are the Caddy and the Caddy pro electric bikes by Emojo. But which option is the best one for your needs? Do I need the extra features of the Caddy Pro or is the Caddy perfect for me? By reading this Caddy review and Caddy Pro review, you can compare these two options to know which one is the best choice.

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Caddy Electric Bikes

The Caddy Electric Bikes have plenty of great features for you to enjoy including:

     • Aluminum alloy frame so that you have a lightweight but durable bike to ride around on.
     • Front basket that carries up to 19 lbs. so that you can take light cargo with you as you travel around, such as a bag for work.
     • 3 tires so that you can get maximum stability as you ride around on your bike.
     • Different size tires (front tire is 24” while the rear tires are 20”) so that you get a smoother ride and an easier time stopping.
     • Longer battery life so you can enjoy your ride for a longer period of time. 

Comfortable Travel

This is an ebike that was made with comfort in mind. Every bit of construction from the fenders that keep you dry as you drive around to the suspensions in the bike, you will have one of the smoothest rides possible. The comfort saddle helps you stay safe and comfortable as you drive around.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

When it comes to bikes, you want the perfect balance between durability and being lightweight. Thanks to the high quality aluminum alloy frame, you do get this amazing balance. The entire bike has a weight capacity of 330lbs.

Battery Integrated Headlights

One of the great things about this battery integrated headlight is that it follows where you steer so that you can see where you are going. That’s an essential feature to stay safe as you ride around when it’s darker or the weather isn’t great.

Great Battery Life

The bike uses a high capacity lithium ion battery to power it. You can get pretty far with a single charge and its easy to charge thanks to the USB ports.

Caddy Pro Electric Bikes

The Caddy Pro electric bike offers you a lot of the same benefits that you get with the standard bikes, but you have extra features for a better experience, including:
     • Oversized seat with backrest so that you get the ultimate comfort experience when riding around.
     • Front and rear light so you can feel safe when you are driving no matter what the conditions are outside.
     • Excellent battery life so that you are able to travel up to 35 miles on a charge.
     • Aluminum frame so you get a durable and lightweight bike that can stand up to your travels. 

Oversized Seat with Backrest

In the standard Caddy, you just have a saddle seat whereas with the Caddy Pro you get an oversized seat with a comfortable backrest to enjoy the best possible ride. This gives you an incredible experience as you cruise around.

Long Battery Life

The battery life on the Pro is comparable to the one you can find in the regular Caddy. You can travel a fair distance, around 35 miles on every charge depending on your driving patterns.

Front and Rear Lights

While the Caddy has a front headlight, there are no rear lights. The Caddy Pro is a significant improvement where there are front and rear lights. This ensures that you are as safe as possible when driving around.

The Best One?

Which one is the best one? If you have the money to splurge on the Caddy Pro, this has incredible features that you can enjoy. However, if you don’t need a lot of extra features and want to save some money, the Caddy is the best choice. Otherwise, these are both excellent ebike options. 

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