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Hiboy S2 Pro Review

If you’ve been interested in electric scooter fandom for any length of time, you are likely well aware of Hiboy’s contribution to the scooter industry. The company consistently delivers the goods with high-quality products and great customer service and support.

It should come as little surprise, then, that the S2 Pro is another positive entry in the long line of Hiboy electric scooters. But what is it that qualifies this addition as such a hit? For that, we need to dive into the ins and outs of the S2 Pro to see what makes it tick.

If you’re in the market for an electric scooter and are torn on which one to buy, we encourage you to stick around. After reading this review, you might just have a much easier time finding the scooter of your dreams.

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The S2 Pro: A Worthy Successor

Make no mistake, the S2 was and remains to be an exceptional scooter. Hiboy knows how to make affordable, high-quality machines that perform well and stand the test of time. The S2 Pro is no exception. 

To begin, we have to talk about the comfort that this scooter provides. As with all reviews, we need to know exactly what we’re dealing with, so we take each unit out for a spin. Maybe even more so than others. We spend a lot of time learning every single little intricacy there is to know about each scooter.

The S2 Pro is designed in such a way that you never feel discomfort as you zoom around town. We took this scooter on many errands, weaving around pedestrians and other electric scooters. Not once did it falter in its performance. But moreover, we felt comfortable throughout the entire time that we used the S2 Pro.

A big part of that comfort goes to the S2 Pro’s rear dual shock system. This baby provides stellar support, so you don’t feel every bump like you do on other scooters, thus allowing you to ride for extended periods of time without feeling worn out and sore all over.

Hiboy used steel alloy in the springs, so you can count on the shocks holding up over time. Heavier riders will certainly appreciate this, too, as the S2 Pro is capable of supporting up to 260 pounds with ease.

Big Tires

Another helpful addition is the huge, 10-inch tires. They offer excellent grip and help to improve driving performance across the board. One key difference in these tires is that they are solid. By designing the S2 Pro to use solid tires, you don’t have to worry about them losing air or replacing them later.

Solid tires are able to withstand much more wear and tear. What’s more, they handle inclines rather well, too. We took the S2 Pro over various hills and terrain to test its mettle. We weren’t disappointed. This electric scooter held its own every step of the way.

Stellar Battery

For an electric scooter to be a success, every component and aspect has to come together and work flawlessly. You can have all the features and greatest specs in the world, but if the battery doesn’t last, it kind of negates everything else.

We’re happy to report that Hiboy included a massive battery in the S2 Pro. Clocking in at 36 volts and 11.4Ah, you can safely ride the Pro up to 25 or 30 miles on a single charge. That’s nothing to sneeze at and should provide you with more than enough power to get you around.

Most people are going to invest in an electric scooter for two reasons: getting to work and having fun. It’s safe to assume that anyone riding a scooter to work isn’t going to be covering a distance greater than 25 to 30 miles both ways. And if you are, you can always get a full recharge while you’re working.

Just 6 hours is all the S2 Pro needs to top off the battery. If you buy an electric scooter for fun, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll cover 25 to 30 miles in one sitting (or standing, if you want to get technical about it). As such, the S2 Pro ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth without having to worry about running low on juice.

More Power

Equipped with a 350-Watt brushless motor, you can look forward to the S2 Pro getting you around town and beyond with effortless performance. This powerful motor is capable of excelling the scooter to a top speed of 19 miles per hour, depending on the mode you choose. The power-saving mode maxes out at 13 miles per hour.

You also get cruise control built right into the S2 Pro, affording you the ability to lean back and relax while you’re being chauffeured to and from your destinations.

For added convenience, a digital onboard dash displays your rate of speed and remaining battery life. Moreover, you can sync the S2 Pro with your smartphone, giving you greater access to your scooter’s functions and performance.

Need to lock the scooter while you’re at work? No problem there. Simply tap the appropriate setting via the Hiboy App, and you’re good to go. You can also customize speed settings and adjust the brake response. It’s an ingenious system, and it works like a charm.

Wrap Up

Safety features are present on the S2 Pro, as well. Like the company’s other electric scooters, there are LED taillights and an ultra-bright headlight. Riding at night is now a cinch and can be done in complete safety.

Perhaps most impressive of all is the price. How Hiboy was able to produce such a heavy hitter without charging an arm and a leg is beyond us, but here it is. The S2 Pro may be a budget-friendly addition to Hiboy’s lineup, but that doesn’t make it any less of a premium ride. When you factor in everything that you’re getting, it almost feels wrong to get so much for so little.

Click here to view the Hiboy S2 Pro!

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    Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter If you’ve been interested in electric scooter fandom for any length of time, you are likely well aware of Hiboy’s con...

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