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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

EcoReco Electric Scooters

Premium Electric Scooter That Inspires The Rest

Since pioneering the new e-scooter movement in 2013, EcoReco Scooter continues to be the cutting-edge and golden standard of the electric scooter industry. Trusted by hundreds of thousands of riders and leading the micro-mobility revolution into the future.

Our patented folding mechanisms ensure its unparalleled compactness (as small as 3' x 1' x 1/2' in fold). You can easily pack several scooters in the trunk and still have room for your other favorite items.
A light-weight scooter starts at 27 lbs, significantly lighter than almost all electric bikes and scooters on the market. It is easy to lift it up a few stairs or to put it in your car trunk.

With a Li-Ion/LiFePO4 rechargeable battery, a high efficient hub motor, a controller optimized for most practical usage conditions and overall aerodynamic frame design, the EcoReco scooter can travel 10 to 32 miles* on a single charge, so you can go farther with lower costs and fewer charges. Our proprietary Energy Recovery Braking (E.R.B.) also harvests kinetic energy as you brake.
It is rated 2000 MPGe, a truly masterpiece of modern energy efficiency.

With the new all-in-one rear wheel design, EcoReco scooter can achieve 20+ MPH for an average adult and provide high torques for different terrains and conditions. That is plenty of power in an impressively small package. The scooter is also configurable to regulate the top speed at 7 or 12 MPH for indoors and casual use.

Designed for Intelligence and Safety

Multimode LED dashboard shows you the speed, battery status, odometer, trip distance and total charge cycles at a glance. Safe-start throttle and two-staged brake: A configurable Safe-Start (anti-jerking) feature so you only take off when you mean it. Once the brake is pulled, the system first cuts off the throttle function, then applies braking in the rear wheel for a safe and smooth stop. The EcoReco scooter ensures your safety from the start to the end of every trip.

We use either a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4/LFP) or a Lithium Ion (Li-ion) battery in all our EcoReco scooter models. They are the most advanced high-density battery available from both a health and an environmental viewpoints. Both are non-toxic in comparison with traditional Sealed Lead Acid. Li-ion is ultra-lightweight because of its high energy density. LFP can last more life-time charge cycles, operate cooler and offer steady performance even when the battery level is low.

Made for The Perfect Ride

EcoReco pays attentions to design details so you can enjoy a perfect ride. Every time.
The rear-drive architecture ensures a safe and stable ride, and maximizes uphill climb-ability.
The full-size handle bar and long foot deck allows a fully-grown adult to operate the scooter comfortably. With our universal mount, you can take on all your gadgets
The wide tire design and index-finger-triggered throttle makes you relax and easy on every thrust and turn of your wonderful ride.


  • EcoReco Electric Scooter Ecoreco L5+ Electric Scooter
    EcoReco Electric Scooter Ecoreco L5+ Electric Scooter
    Original price $999.00
    Current price $799.00

    Ecoreco L5+ Electric Scooter

    Ecoreco L5 Electric Scooter Our flagship EcoReco L5+ is a comfortable and high performance foldable electric scooter with premium craftsmanship lik...

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    Original price $999.00
    Current price $799.00