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This is about th e warst thing aver this iakrnti sucked djiddifjfjfjf isn’t so bad🕳🧑🏼‍🦯

LLLLLLLLLLLL THIS THING SUCKED U HAVE TO ASSEMBLe it and it don’t not say that nowhere do not by

A great scooter

Love it

It was great

I got this for me and it’s great

very well built with quality materials. Easy to ride. Very good value!

She loves it!

Our Granddaughter is very happy with her beautiful electric scooter! She’s 13 and lives down the street from us! Hardly a day goes by that she doesn’t ride past our house coming and going! She likes the lights best and it goes much faster than her previous one!
I’d recommend this scooter to anyone in a heartbeat!

Very solid scooter

Also have the Mototec Cruiser 48v, a similarly priced scooter. The Razor is slightly larger and definitely much easier to assemble. Came with instructions but they're not really needed. Basically just need to tighten a few bolts and that's it. The Razor definitely is more solid and a high quality build. For a similar cost to the Mototec was disappointed the Razor didn't have front brakes, front fender (throws grit all over the deck/your shoes), lights, front and rear suspension, horn and especially a key. But the quality is so much better it's kind of a wash. It's also in a way kind of nice to have something with minimal parts so less to go wrong. Would love to get a scooter that's a combination of these two. So far the battery is great, have gone just a few miles at a time with no apparent dip in battery life.

Great Bike!!

I've bought the bike late last month and I rode it yesterday and I love it. I can fold it up and put it in my back seat. I gave my 5 speed and scooter to my brother in law last Saturday.

Awesome ride my daughter!

The Hiboy S2 exceeds our expectations. Easy to operate, charge and lots of fun!

Love these scooters and have had great experience untill

Love these scooters but this last set i ordered had issues. One came in with a completely bent back frame and one with broke screen. Sent in pictures to only get that they would send in new screen for the one. When asking about bent frame one the response was more pictures. Sent in more pictures to get a response can you still drive with bent frame. Now mind you the picture clearly shows frame smashed into back tire. I respond with no the tire is smashed into it. Next response is okay I will have tech get back with you. Last communication from company. Kind of sad because I have never had issue before. Informed company that I bought for family trips and now one person has to stay home each time. Requesting full refund at this time so I can buy another one quicker.


Great board. Love it


Rather not say the bike is out of Commission the throttle cable broke the first week the brakes don't work and it was missing some nuts but Road great for 2 weeks

Ok but needs work out of the box

Decent scooter but assembly not for first timer or amateur. No instructions on how to attach the pre-assembled handlebars. There's so many attachment points on the stem that the final product is a bit loose feeling. Brakes on handlebars on mine were pre-assembled reversed from a regular bike - very dangerous. Took some time to fix. Screws for kick stand were not long enough and were rounded out - trip to the hardware store. The footboard was cracked right out of the box - will probably make a nice wood replacement one day. There were also extra metal parts that were included but intentionally cut out of photos in the instructions (one photo could see part of the mystery assembly) that appear to be some kind of grocery bag holder that attaches to the front of the seat stem. Back to the brakes - they were way out of whack and these are not similar to standard bike disc brake adjustment. If you've messed with bike brakes before you can figure it out. But on to the good stuff - the motor and battery seem very solid. I charged it once then rode around mildly for a week before it dropped down just one battery bar. Charged again and didn't charge for weeks, going just a few miles or less just messing around and it was still on three bars. Accelerates fast and goes faster than I need it to! In all, once I got everything adjusted right this is an interesting little scooter. I got it post surgery to help me get outdoors a bit with some wind in my face.

So far, OK.

The bike is working OK so far. It needed the brakes and gears adjusted by a local bike shop, neither working smoothly after assembly. The motor works well, it takes some getting used to coordinating using the throttle. I will probably upgrade the derailleur when parts become available.

Great Board

delivery takes about a month, also doesn't hurt to contact customer service and make sure its on stock. the board is as advertised, it's fun! kinda wish I had the bigger battery now, but the 10s3p is really good and get around 10-11miles for me (I'm 170 pounds, no bag/added weight). I'm also playing around with bushings to find the right setup. I live in Colorado and we have plenty of hills and this board will get me up. I've only had around 21miles on it now, but I recommend anyone looking to get their feet wet to try this board out, plenty of power and mileage. Also, it's march here and little bit of wet had no effect on my board.

It was the fastest delivery I've ever seen!!!! 3 days!!! Wow

The delivery was seriously faster then anything or anyone. These folks at this company put Amazon to shame. The motor tech mars of road 60v 2500 watt looks stellar and packaged beautifully and well protected. I'm seriously impressed beyond belief. Way to go people

MotoTec Demon 50cc 2-Stroke Kids Gas Dirt Bike

Excellent service and price

Excellent service and price. Don’t shop anywhere else

The kid loves it

Great bike for the money!

My grandkids love there dirt bikes

sik as shit

awesome, need bigger ones!

Great city commuter

HIBOY MAX is a great city commuter. Speed when required and very stable , it’s the perfect vehicle for short city commuting ,be it to work or shopping or small evening and morning short commutes. Stable and efficient eco friendly bike.....

Hiboy S2 Pro

I recently purchased the S2 pro and it didn’t disappoint. I’m about 6ft tall and weigh 215. It does great even with a person my size. The battery life is great! So far every ride I’ve been on it hasn’t dropped below 70 percent battery life. Would definitely recommend this scooter to anyone looking for a commuter.

Be careful on the throttle twist or she'll get away from you!!

This is a fun lightweight, fast-zippy little grocery gitter, just add basket on back rack for that. Be careful on the throttle twist or she'll get away from you!! Would be 5 stars but front crank-set sprocket to small, make you look silly when your legs spinning so fast in lowest gear! Maybe swap with bigger front sprocket to heel this, or use throttle only, works too. Good power w/ 350W motor!! .....Cutie e-bike for sure!