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American Electric

AmericanElectric was founded in 2006 with a mission to change the way the world travels. AmericanElectric is a high tech, large scale manufacturing and sales company in the electric bike and electric scooter business. We produce high quality, customizable products and are involved in a variety of major projects with institutions, colleges, businesses, governments and more.

AmericanElectric brings to the world electric vehicles that specialize in high efficiency, high performance, automatic functionalities, and smart technology (including cloud services for on board electronic systems). AmericanElectric is always furthering/improving the field of electric vehicles through research and development.

AmericanElectric offers the highest quality ebikes at affordable prices. Currently offering the Veller, which is a high quality Electric Step-Thru Cruiser ebike. The Veller has a 36V, 350W motor packed with plenty of power to get you to your desired destination. The American Electric Veller has high quality components including an aluminum alloy frame, high performance tires and a 7-Speed Shimano Tourney gear system. 

Click here to see what makes the Veller so special!