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Greenbike USA Electric Bikes

"Americas Best-Selling Electric Bikes" Green bike USA has focused much of their attention to the electric city bikes category. Green Bike USA also sells two great electric cruiser bikes. One of the most unique bikes in the market is their all new GB Carbon Light electric city bike, one of the lightest bikes in the industry. Click here to see our discussion on choosing the right electric bike for you.

Greenn Bike USA is manufactured in Florida and focus on high quality, high performance electric bikes. They offer some of the most powerful motors and batteries in the ebike industry at affordable prices, with the option of a 20amp battery and 750W motor.

Green Bike USA has warehouses in both Florida and California to ensure the product is delivered to you fast. Here at Urban Bikes Direct, we commit to the fastest shipping in the Industry and process your order with a few hours. 


Top Reasons to Choose Green Bike USA

  • Exhilarating - These bikes are fast and fun to ride. They have smooth and comfortable seating to allow you to enjoy the bike for hours. 
  • Safety - Green Bike USA ebikes have high quality brakes, great suspension, and many options have fat tires to which allows for more traction. 
  • Comfort - Green Bike USA has a comfortable wide seat and has great suspension features including front suspension, rear suspension and seat suspension.  
  • Top-rated suspension - Green Bike USA focuses on high quality suspension for the smoothest ride on the market. Add fat tires to their suspension and you'll hardly notice small bumps while riding. 
  • CompactFolding capabilities to enable you to store indoors and small spaces. 
  • Variety of Colors and Options -Green Bike USA offers a wide variety of ebikes and colors. Every manufacturer has white and black options, but Green Bike USA takes it to the next levels with offering colors like orange, pink, green, maroon and other unique colors. Stand out on your ebike by choosing one of these unique colors. 
  • Built In Rack - Most ebikes have a rack option, but it is an additional charge. Thankfully Green Bike USA ebikes come with the built in rack for extra cargo. 

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