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Our Partners

The following is a list of the Ebike brands and scooters we sell. We have hand selected the best manufacturers in the industry to partner with to ensure a good customer experience. You qualify for the full manufacturer warranty with every purchase for all of our listed brands. If you need help selecting an Ebike perfect for you, you can read our Ebike Buying Guide to help guide you through this process.
Click any of the logos below to shop that brand's line of products on our website.

Quietkat all terrain, all electric mountain bikes and trikes are built for off road travel. These rugged electric mountain bikes are designed for outdoor enthusiast who desire low impact access for hunting, fishing, exploring and camping. Click here to view QuietKat's best selling products of 2019/2020.

X-Treme has been in the electric bike industry since 2001 and has positioned itself most aggressively with the electric cruiser bikes. X-Treme has a wide variety of electric cruiser bikes, while also offering electric mountain bikes and a few electric city bikes. 

Ecomotion has 6 different bike options and mainly that mainly fall into the electric cruiser bike and electric city bike categories. Ecomotion bikes brings you the perfect combination of quality, style and durability.

Civi Bikes offers 4 different unique products to the electric bike industry. They offer two city bikes, a mountain bike and a cruiser. One of our best selling bikes is the Civi Bikes Cheetah electric cruiser bike. You can read more about the Civi Bike Cheetah by clicking here.

Revole offers high quality, affordable electric bikes. Revolve's best selling bike is the Revolve Handy Dandy Electric City bike. They have a variety of electric cruiser bikes, electric mountain bikes and electric city bikes.

EMOJO aims to put the consumers and the experience first, put a smile on the face of each EMOJO rider and revive childhood memories when riding a bike meant freedom regardless of your age or gender, life doesn’t stop and neither should you, that’s why we say: “RIDE LIFE”

Ecotric has a large product offering selling electric mountain bikes, electric cruiser bikes and electric city bikes. They have an extrensive amount of fat tire and beach cruiser options. There electric city bikes are some of the more affordable options in the industry while still providing the quality you are seeking. 

Nakto has positioned itself for the electric city bikes, electric cruiser bikes and electric mountain bikes well with their wide product offering lineup. The Nakto Fat Tire 26" Cruiser Electric bike was voted a top 10 fat tire bike in 2018, by Ezvid Wiki. Click here to view our Nakto product review. 

Greenbike USA has focused much of their attention to the electric city bikes category. Greenbike USA also sells two great electric cruiser bikes. One of the most unique bikes in the market is their all new GB Carbon Light electric city bike, one of the lightest bikes in the industry. 

Greenbike Electric Motion is a manufacturer of high quality electric bikes ranging from cruisers, city bikes and mountain bikes. Greenbike Electric Motion has an extensive offering of Electric City Bikes ranging from $1099 to $2400 depending on your budget. Greenbike electric motion offers 12 electric city bikes that are high quality and perfect for a city commute. If you are looking for a good value bike, consider Greenbike Electric Motion for your purchase. 

EWheels is a manufacturer of quality, high- performance Electric Powered Scooters and bikes with patented Technology. These products fall under the name brand of EWheels. Our objectives are to build products that offer cost effective, emission free alternatives to other forms of transportation for commuting, sport, and recreation. Our goal is to make sure each of our customer's walk away knowing they have just purchased a product that gives them ALL of the following benefits.

The Big Cat USA story has its roots in a compassionate response to help others. Vincent Gebbia, the company’s CEO and Founder, wanted to help his mother to get more exercise and overcome a knee injury. Inspired by the e-bikes he’d seen during business trips to Asia, Gebbia went to work creating a pedal assist, electric powered bicycle to help his mother regain her confidence and freedom, and improve her level of physical activity and mobility.

Rob Daniels wasn’t looking for a new product venture when he took a routine business trip to China in 2016 and stumbled on a rough prototype for a folding electric bicycle.“The design was so unique and eye-catching,” he recalls. The bike’s original design, a small frame consisting largely of two circles hinged in the center, weighed in at 24 pounds, making it much lighter than most electric-powered bikes. The best part: It folded so neatly it could be packed up in a suitcase.
“The boating industry was so ripe for it, and there was a big opportunity with pilots, especially those who are sensitive about adding weight on a small plane,” explains Daniels.