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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Electric Mountain Bikes

 Electric Mountain Bikes are built for trails and off-road performance, but they also do well on the streets as well. Electric Mountain Bikes are picking up in popularity for commuters and city riders for consumers who want a bike build to last.

Electric Mountain Bikes on the lower end of pricing make terrific commuter e-bikes. These bikes are usually hardtails and do not have rear suspension. They typically will have a front suspension fork, but their suspension is not meant for hardcore trail riding, but is good for medium trails and any road condition. 

If you want to jump your e-bike and do any serious mountain biking, you'll be looking at a downhill electric mountain bike. These bikes are built with much higher standards and designed to survives brutal punishment of hardcore trails. Electric mountain bikes are certainly great for riding trails and heading off-road. But don’t count them out on the street either.

Electric mountain bikes on the lower end of the price range can make excellent commuter e-bikes. Such bikes are usually hardtails, meaning they lack rear suspension. Instead they often have just a front suspension fork. Their suspension might not be good enough for hardcore trail riding, but it is usually sufficient for hitting a few pot holes on the way to work.

Electric mountain bikes are not only beneficial for mountain bikers but also for hunters, outdoorsman and anyone who navigates through rough terrain. They are also picking up in popularity for commuters, that way you can use your e-bike for muli-purposes. They are built to withstand the outdoors and extremely fun to ride. If you are looking for a reliable, tough bike for your adventure, checkout our wide variety of electric mountain bikes! Click here to read our Electric Bike Buying Guide