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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer
Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Financing Options

What Kind of Financing Does Urban Bikes Direct Offer?

If you're considering getting an electric bike, but don't have the cash or credit available to pay for one right now, you may be thinking about other financing options. We offer some of the best financing programs in the industry, SNAPKatapult and Klarna.

We have partnered with these established companies to give you the best chance of qualifying for credit. You will be required to apply for financing. You will fill out a credit line application. You are subject to credit approval. has no control over the financing decision. This is solely the lender's decision based on your creditworthiness. 

You'll usually get a decision within seconds and be able to purchase that brand new electric bikes of your dreams right from our website shipped directly to your door as fast as 3-10 business days.  



Snap is a lease-to-own financing provider that empowers credit-challenged shoppers with the buying power to get what they need now. Know in seconds of you've been approved with its easy application process. All credit types are welcome because Snap believes you are more than a credit score.
Snap has flexible ownership options with plans that work with your paydays and lower cost of ownership with early payoff options.

Snap believes in transparency, so you’ll know up front the cost of your lease.

Snap offers a 100-Day Option, which offers a considerable reduction in the overall cost of your lease.



Katapult is a No Credit Required lease-to-own payment option by which Urban Bikes Direct customers can make monthly payments to pay for their purchase instead of paying for it in full at checkout. Katapult offers customers a lease-purchase transaction with options for ownership and no long-term obligation. You can apply with Katapult and get approved for up to $3,500 in a matter of minutes.

With Katapult, you get a cutting-edge, lease-to-own option built for you, with no credit required. You can apply using our intuitive online process in store or at home while shopping online. Our flexible pay-over-time options coordinate with your pay dates. So, you can make payments when you have the cash.

You can have a 10-month, 12-month, or 18-month payment plan with just a few clicks.


Katapult financing


Klarna is now one of Europe’s largest banks and is providing payment solutions for 60 million consumers across 70.000 merchants in 14 countries. Klarna is offering installment plans for our customers in a smooth one-click purchase experience that lets you pay when and how you prefer to. 

The time frame you are given to pay back your loan is dependent on cart balance. The time frame options that Klarna offers can be: (This is subject to variations. These are examples of past time frame options given)

  1. 12 months 7.99%
  2. 18 months 9.99%
  3. 24 months 9.99%
  4. 36 months 9.99%

The monthly rate can vary depending on your cart amount. You may qualify for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. These are not guarantees. If you want to know your options please follow the steps here. Your monthly payment options will be shown to you before you apply for financing.

Once you have received financing from Klarna, you can submit payment to them in several ways: pay online, pay by phone, pay by check, or set up automatic payments through our online site or thru autopay with their bank. 

Only online applications for financing are accepted.

  1. At checkout, select Slice it. Pay over time with Klarna as your payment option and continue.



  1. Choose from the monthly payment options available. (Please note that monthly payment options are dependent on your cart balance and what Klarna decides to offer, we cannot change it)


  1. Click Place Order.
  1. Enter simple information.


  1.   Click Continue. 
  1.   Know instantly if your purchase has been accepted.
  1.   Receive a confirmation email outlining your purchase, due date(s), and other useful information.
  1.   Contact Klarna customer service at any time with questions about your purchase, or head to our Customer Service FAQs.
  1. Contact or 800-591-7508 if you have any questions. We are happy to help!