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Jupiter Bikes

Are you looking for a small electric bike that also brings out fashion and design? Jupiter Bike makes multiple different models to fit your electric city bike needs. As one of the market's smallest foldable electric bike, the Jupiter bike can go with you anywhere. The compact design enables you to store your bike in the smallest storage places. It's lightweight aluminum alloy frame allows you to carry the bike while visiting your favorite restaurants or shops. 

Jupiter Discovery

The Jupiter Bike Discovery is designed to fit your life. The perfect size gives you a comfortable ride while in the city or on the trails. The Discovery is light weight and super compact allowing you to be able to store the electric bike anywhere. The Discovery uses a molded magnesium alloy for a slick, non-welded appearance. The Discovery folds down in 10 seconds and is easy to carry into your favorite restaurant or shop. Add power to your pedal with 3 levels of pedal assist and a 350W motor with the X5. Maintain a comfortable pedaling speed with the 6-speed Tourney gear shift, regardless of the incline or terrain with the X7! The Discovery won't let you down with a whopping 30 mile range for the X5 and 34 miles for the X7! 

Jupiter Defiant

Do you need more power, speed and distance than the Jupiter Discovery? Well, we have a solution for you. The Jupiter Defiant has a 750W motor and 5 levels of pedal assist, reaching distances of up to 40 miles on a single charge. The bike is a speed demon, reaching speeds of 28MPH! The extra large battery delivers 48V and can get you through any terrain including sand and snow! The Jupiter Bike Defiant is also enabled with fat tires for a smoother ride.  It folds down in 3 easy steps and is perfect for storage in a boat, RV or living spaces. Take the Jupiter Bike Defiant with you on your next adventure! 

Jupiter Summit

Elevate your ride with the Summit Electric Folding Mountain Bike. Conquer any trail or road with the latest technology at your command. Built for speed, the Summit features high end aerodynamic 26" wheels and a lightweight touring frame with concealed battery. With a 500-watt motor, the Summit can reach speeds over 28 mph and up to 30 mile range, speed and endurance to conquer your journey. Get all the advantages of a full size mountain bike PLUS the benefits of a small folding frame all in one. 

Jupiter Atlas

Get ready for endless adventure! The Jupiter Atlas is offroad-ready with its extra large wheels designed to easily roll over any terrain. Grip sand, snow or any terrain with fat 27" x 3" tires! Can we say more power? 48 volts matched with a 750 watt (peak) 500 watt (sustained) motor delivers more power when you need it. Get instant torque for uphill, sand, snow, or any high performance need! Ride all day with the Atlas electric fat tire bike's impressive 40+ mile range. Go even farther, quick swap the battery to double your range. The Atlas also folds down compactly so you can take your adventure anywhere!