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Here at, we strive to provide you the best customer service in the e-bike industry. In order to achieve this we focus on 3 things.

1) Fastest Shipping in the industry. We fulfil every order within 3 hours of purchase and our average delivery time is 3-5 days. 

2) Call, email and chat support with the most trained ebike experts in the industry. 

3) Focus on the process after you place your order. We ensure every customer will be satisfied. We do this by providing frequent updates on shipments and any other necessary information.


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X-Treme 24V/36V Electric Bike Battery For Newport and Malibu

Bakcou Deer Trailer

Awesome trailer

Rambo Roamer Electric Mountain Bike 750W


I got this scooter over 2 years ago i have 4281miles on mine the only thing i have done is change clutch pads 1 time not even had to replace brakes .
I own a moped repair shop its called SUPERSCOOTCHARLIES i never get this in broke down. furthermore before people downgrade something and talk garbage they need the facts and ,make sure that they are correct.


The carts where received on time and good condition but since this are Christmas presents we have not had a chance to ride them. But there is one problem,although the seats are adjustable it can't be moved because the metal bracket,and knob are in the way of moving the seat.The pictures on your site shows rubber tie down straps to hold the battery in place,this would allow the seat to be moved.Why the manufacturer changed this is a mystery to me but I've had to get webbing,d rings and bracket so my wife could sew hold down straps to use .This may not be a big deal to some people but if I had got the carts for immediate use my older child would have to watch his brother ride while scrounged up the parts to fix it plus the fact that after paying over $1100 apeice I shout have to do this. Other than this the carts look great and seems well built time will tell. Thanks Dale

Follow up new video on Nov. 24th Thanksgiving 2022 Michael H. Mototec MT-Drifter.

I ride my Electric Drift Trike locally in my neighborhood and on commercial property of abandon warehouses. On Thanksgiving morning i rode it in back of an office building empty parking lot for 35 minutes. Best fun yet. The drifting was awesome. To help the rear tire drift sleeves spray and buff them with a furniture polish or silicone spray before each day you will ride.. Video below. YouTube video placeholder
Right part. Best price

I dont know how they do it. Best prices a service anywhere

So Happy

My husband is so happy with his new electric skateboard. Our boys enjoy it too. very sturdy and maneuvers easily. Speed control is easy to use.

X-Treme Cabo Cruiser Elite 48 Volt Electric Scooter

Love the bike

This bike is an awesome bike and we were so happy to get ours me and my friend. We both bought them from urban bikes direct and they were shipped within a couple of days. The bikes arrived in perfect condition, and they were easy to assemble. we have both put over 100 miles on our bikes and are very happy with them.

Black Beauty

I bought the trike for my wife, who named it Black Beauty. It only took us two hours to put together. The basket was damaged in shipping but you quickly replaced it with no hassle. Highly recommend for both fun and utility. It is very stable and easy to control. Numerous neighbors have tried it out, and all the teenagers love it. Some of them are considering one for themselves, or even some elderly relatives. We're having a great time with it.

Great bike!

This is my first e-bike. I love it! It does all I had hoped for , especially the different modes offered. Urban bikes was great to work with on my purchase.

Moto Tec Folding Mobility Trike

I was really surprised at the quality of build of the Trike. The frame I am sure will outlive you. Really I can think of nothing BAD, A few preferences. Instructions could explain controls (you can figure them out). Would prefer brake on the right. More space for allen wrench clearance. but vice grip will do. The quality of build far outweigh any preferences. I would defiantly purchase again. Note, I am not in the habit of writing reviews And I did not receive any discounts for this review.

As I stated to you shortly after receiving the bikes. One had a carburetor that was defective and electric start cable was defective. We checked the starter wires . all connections are good. Still no electric start. Some person promised a new carburator but he said he'd have to order it. Please check on it. Thanks

Both fun and practical

I looked at a number of folding bikes and the rebuilt Jupiter Discovery was by far the best deal and it has many features others dont. When i took it out for the first time, it exceeded my expectations. It is perfect for my needs of running errands and being compact for storage.

very attractive and well-made scooter

It has great brakes and lighting and checks all of the boxes needed to ride safely in Philly at night. But it’s also light enough and small enough when folded to put into a duffel bag to carry into my job. I’m a nurse and don’t have a desk of my own, and I’m pretty sure my workplace doesn’t want people to be seen carrying in their rides. A couple of therapists bike in and have to lock their bikes outside so fairness and all. I can also take it into my gym no problem. It’s a very attractive and well-made scooter, and there’s not a single other model that hits this sweet spot. Super nice job guys


I just used my Anyhill UM2 scooter for the first time today to commute to work.
Let me just first say amazing communications back and fourth. It took me about 10 minutes to get it fully assembled. I had already watched the Anyhill YouTube videos about reviews and assembly which were easy to understand as well as scoring an Award as best scooter of 2022 under $1000.
My Anyhill scooter was quick to get to speed of 18 mph on flat ground✅️ It has amazing breaks✅️ it has an amazing ride✅️ I’m 260 lbs and it truly responds very well given my weight 👍🏼 100% recommend

An affordable compact electric drift trike for teens to Seniors. Lots of fun!

Mototec MT- Drifter Electric Drift Trike. Michael Hoffman. I bought it new from Urban Bike Direct (California) an approved Dealer for MototecUSA / Big Toys USA in Wisconsin. I looked for a Drift Trike front wheel electric brushless hub motor 500W., 48V @12 A/H, top speed is 22 mph. distance 10 miles to 12 miles, twist throttle with battery condition 3 led lights, hydraulic front brake, padded fold down seat, key ignition switch, rear fiberglass flag whip and flag, 2 extended metal tubes with metal foot pegs on an angle to keep your feet clear of the front wheel. The rear go-cart wheels come with PVC plastic sleeves already installed to make drifting easy to do. It also has a good 2 part seat belt.This is a compact electric drift trike. It comes with an AC charger. No gas, no fumes, no noisy engine. I suggest you air up the front tire to 44 psi to 46 psi. The 2 rear tires should be 34 psi to 36 psi. This will keep the drift sleeves on the rear tires by friction. Please wear a helmet when riding. Wear the seat belt too. Ride responsibly. Parking lots with few vehicles or dead end streets are a good place to learn how to drift. To help you learn faster spray the rear pvc sleeves with furniture polish and hand buff until dry. Michael Hoffman. YouTube video placeholder
Perfect for commuting

I bought this thing a couple of days ago and really enjoyed the ride. It is very wobbling when passing through the bumps. The swappable battery is what I am looking for....I used this for commuting, and I can take the battery pack out for charging, instead of carrying the whole unit up the steps to my office. Cool feature!!

Great product

The carry bags I ordered were great.

Jupiter Nylon Carry Bag for Discovery x5 Bike Transport

Pink GB500

I love my step through ebike. It rides smooth and I love the color. Not difficult to put together and battery is easy to remove.

Ecotric Rear Rack and Fenders for 26inch Fat Beach Snow Bike and Rocket