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Urban BIkes Direct Reviews

Let Our Customers Speak For Us

Here at, we strive to provide you the best customer service in the e-bike industry. In order to achieve this we focus on 3 things.

1) Fastest Shipping in the industry. We fulfil every order within 3 hours of purchase and our average delivery time is 3-5 days. 

2) Call, email and chat support with the most trained ebike experts in the industry. 

3) Focus on the process after you place your order. We ensure every customer will be satisfied. We do this by providing frequent updates on shipments and any other necessary information.


Based on 520 reviews
So far so good.

I dont like giving reviews this early. Wait til I have it for 2 years and then get back to me.

X-7 Folding Bike

The bike arrived quickly and in perfect shape. It only took a few minutes to assemble. It is very fun to ride. My wife also has one of these bikes and she really likes it. We live in Central Oregon and have lots of trails to ride them on which is a lot of fun. We also travel and take them with us and get lots of favorable comment about them. I recommend this company.

Fun bike!

I love this little bike. I am 64 years old and wanted to try an electric bike but not spend too much. I didn't know that much about them. I bike for exercising. People told me I wasn't exercising with this bike. That isn't fact I get more exercise. You don't have to use battery unless you want to and when you get to a hill that is just too much you can use the battery to get you through it. Before I would be too tired to go too far, now I can kick in the battery at hard places and go further because I want to. Plus I also use it just for riding around with the battery. Its a blast and I'm considering getting the 20 inch fat tire one. I can hardly wait to use this everyday. Its also nice to have the folding feature to bring it places. If you are on the fence, get this bike!!!

Say Yeah 800w Electric scooter.

Nice and solid scooter I rate at 3.5 the Distance is poor and battery life one mile tops must charge after, also I had to change out The reset breaker from a16w to a 20w, okay for kids in front of there home, I would not recoment for Adults.

Great Electric Folding Bike

Great Fun to use.


Is thus bike for adults ?

X-Treme XG-575 Gas Scooter
Anthony Santeusanio

The best

Fun E-Bike

We received our e-bikes from UBD this morning. I purchased a Discovery x7 for myself and a x5 for my wife. My wife loves the x5. It's much easier to handle than the full-size e-bike she had previously. As far as the x7, I enjoy it. I'm 6'2" and 210 and it is almost too small. We use them at our campground in Maine which has hilly dirt roads. Consequently, the batteries don't last as long as I would prefer, but one can't really complain. The seat is comfortable, but the ride is a little bone jarring. Still, these are fun bikes and I do recommend.

Daughter love's it

Fun little bike for my 8 year old daughter to drive around on. Easy to start. Only had it for 2 months but have had zero issues with the pocket bike so far.

Great electric mountain bike.

Great eBike

I bought two of these ebikes, one for my wife and the other for me, we love them. We like the fold-up feature and have taken them to several different, paved trails in our area and plan to take them camping this summer. We've also purchased two additional batteries for our upcoming camping trips to be sure we have plenty of power without running a generator to charge them. With 16" tires, and the 350-watt motor, these ebikes have enough power to go most of the places we've taken them. We really like the unique design of these ebikes, we have not found anything we feel is more asthetically pleasing than these Jupiter Discovery X5 Folding Electric Bikes!

Performs Well and Durable

I am very pleased with this scooter. It has been through a lot of different terrains and still performs like new. After I burn this one out in a few years I am going to stick with the same one.

Very Powerful and Smooth

I love the scooter and have already put 2000 miles on it. I even take it on some dirt trails. Its very reliable and a great scooter.

The best of the best!! Lo mejor de lo mejor !

Have to tell you I love my Jupiter mountain bike it’s the best of best. Tengo que decirle que amo mi bicicleta jupiterbike muy suave tiene mucha fuerza y corre muy rápido


Love my bike! Thanks so much! Smooth, powerful, fun ride!

Too heavy for a boat bike

My bile performs great with or without the battery on. But I read it was 40 pounds, marginal for a 70 year old to load on and off, it’s more like 50, making it tough. And the documentation is marginal.

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Just plain excellence.

Like the speed like some of the performance. but I live in a area in Florida where a lot of the roads are pavers and going over a drawbridge that is graded the solid tires don't work for me. I'd rather had rubber inflatable tires that can withstand the terrain the solid tires don't work on pavers the shocks do not do anything and it's not cool when you're ride is Bumpy. I looked at the reviews no one mentioned this if it had been mentioned I would have not bought it. I would have bought something different nothing against the company that sells them they're great people and a small company they reached out to me when my order was late they make sure I got my order and to this day they still Reach out to me. I just rather when you're selling a product put what it works with and not.

This is about th e warst thing aver this iakrnti sucked djiddifjfjfjf isn’t so bad🕳🧑🏼‍🦯

LLLLLLLLLLLL THIS THING SUCKED U HAVE TO ASSEMBLe it and it don’t not say that nowhere do not by

A great scooter

Love it

It was great

I got this for me and it’s great

very well built with quality materials. Easy to ride. Very good value!

She loves it!

Our Granddaughter is very happy with her beautiful electric scooter! She’s 13 and lives down the street from us! Hardly a day goes by that she doesn’t ride past our house coming and going! She likes the lights best and it goes much faster than her previous one!
I’d recommend this scooter to anyone in a heartbeat!

Very solid scooter

Also have the Mototec Cruiser 48v, a similarly priced scooter. The Razor is slightly larger and definitely much easier to assemble. Came with instructions but they're not really needed. Basically just need to tighten a few bolts and that's it. The Razor definitely is more solid and a high quality build. For a similar cost to the Mototec was disappointed the Razor didn't have front brakes, front fender (throws grit all over the deck/your shoes), lights, front and rear suspension, horn and especially a key. But the quality is so much better it's kind of a wash. It's also in a way kind of nice to have something with minimal parts so less to go wrong. Would love to get a scooter that's a combination of these two. So far the battery is great, have gone just a few miles at a time with no apparent dip in battery life.