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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer
Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Urban Bikes Direct Reviews

Let Our Customers Speak For Us

Here at, we strive to provide you the best customer service in the e-bike industry. In order to achieve this we focus on 3 things.

1) Fastest Shipping in the industry. We fulfil every order within 3 hours of purchase and our average delivery time is 3-5 days. 

2) Call, email and chat support with the most trained ebike experts in the industry. 

3) Focus on the process after you place your order. We ensure every customer will be satisfied. We do this by providing frequent updates on shipments and any other necessary information.


Based on 763 reviews

Great ,happy with product

Very nice and fun bike, fully meet my expectation! For your confidence, buy it with UBD,
This company provides an outstanding service and responding to every inquiries with a high priority!

Had some complications but overall extremely happy

Had some complications when I first got to bike I wrote it two times and then it wouldn't move over on a defect in the controller I did talk to somebody with support they were really prompt and by the following week I was able to ride the bike the ride is incredible you definitely want to wear a helmet with this thing it's fast faster than most e-bikes that's why it's called an e moped you'll enjoy it though

New Battery

fast response to my order. fast delivery. “nuff said.

Highly recommend. Great company.

Their customer service is great. Product was great. Highly recommend!



Extreme scooter 575

It is the best gas scooter you can buy

A little tall for me.

It's a little tall for me but I made it work. Great pick up in speed. Now I gotta try and not get lost in this heat. Lol. Ready to see how far it will take me.

Perfect e-bike

This is the perfect e-bike. Perfect price point and it has a lot of great features. It’s a smooth and comfy ride and I’m so glad I bought this model. Suspension is great, motor kicks but is smooth, the black looks so sleek and the battery is good!

Excellent scooter and even better service!

The scooter works great. (7Ah) It gets much better battery than I expected especially for my 240lb body. The 15mph governor seems slow at first but when you realize how far you have traveled in such a short amount of time, you see that it is more than adequate. The frame and wheels are sturdy and the balance is great. I feel secure on the scooter and am not worried about a mechanical problem. Scooter aside, Urban Bikes Direct is the place to buy all your e-scooter and e-bike needs. I originally ordered a different scooter and I contacted customer support about lead times. The person was so knowledgeable and she even helped me change my selection to a scooter that was $200 cheaper with equivalent specs, performance, and quality. The scooter was delivered in 2 days of my order which was a godsend as my teenage kid needed it to commute to work. Anyone can sell goods on the internet but Urban Bikes Direct delivered on the great customer service that is lacking nowadays from most shopping websites. I can't recommend UBD enough. Don't just buy stuff, buy stuff in style and with confidence with UBD.

Gets me to work quick and easy!

Thoroughly enjoying my new electric scooter. This is my first time owning an electric scooter and it’s definitely an upgrade from my good old razor from my childhood. Thank you so much to urbanbikesdirect for the easy delivery and processing.

Great efficient economic sturdy bike

3 speeds, assisted pedaling automatically help returning to 10-13-16MPH, not fast, not slow, just cruising on vacation mode. Useful info onboard control panel.
Was worth the price !

0n the road again.

Battery i had lasted exactly 3yrs. Was very excited to find a company that would help me find a new Battery to extend my adventures. Thank you very much.

Jupiter x5

Great bike for what we were after. We will be using this ebike while out cruising on the boat. We needed something light enough and compact enough to take ashore via dinghy. We also needed something that was comfortable to ride for a few miles. Urban Bikes Direct had a good sale on this bike so we purchased through them. Communication was good and shipment was fast. I questioned the business for being legit and they proved me wrong.

Great Bike, Excellent Customer Service

This was an amazing purchase. We bought two bikes. Customer service sent a missing reflector as soon as we notified them and one bike has a faulty battery which is being replaced soon, but other than that it's all good.

Good scooter

Had to upgrade the air filter as soon as purchasing it but overall it's a good scooter.

Stand up scooters are fun

I have the old, active 50cc model. It goes good. Its a simple design, 2 stroke and a belt drive. However , It turns fast and you better be able to ride or you might hurt yourself. It also might kill you in potholes. But, there is NOTHING which is as blissful as riding a standup scooter. Plus I can bunnyhop mine more than 10 feet, so it's like a sport. Gets like 100 mpg or better. These are the top quality for gas scooters.

Great little bike

Plenty of power for my grandson. No problems with the bike or assembly. Only negative I've found is the charger cord is hard to plug in due to location behind guard.

She Loves It

Got this bike for my niece. She loves it ... and her friends who want to ride it. So good to see her outside having fun and not with her face in some electronic screen. I really like the way this electric motor cut off works when she brakes. Nice job Rambo!

5 star service

A great starter bike, could be a little more powerful but just fine for first bike. Went through a couple rear mud guards due to my son trying wheelie's. Parts easy to get and cheap. Then the motor went after 6 months. I did purchase the extended warranty, the claim process went smoothly. Sent the bike to an authorized dealer for repair. Now I'm notified the motor part is not available. They are refunding the cost of the bike in full. Pretty happy about that. Urban Bikes show another in stock. Will purchase again.

very good product. i like to take it to work and back saves gas and wear and tear on my cars

Rambo Ryder 48V 750W 14Ah Fat Tire Electric Bike Mid-Drive - Discontinued 7/14/23
quiet bike

this bike can easily navigate through the woods without spooking any game. - perfect for all ages, both female and male.

Rambo Prowler Electric Hunting Bike 1000W
perfect for all seasons

The bike's intuitive controls and sturdy build make it perfect for both seasoned riders and beginners. - Great choice for anyone looking for a powerfull and reliable bike. Rambo's customer service is also top notch.

Such a sleek bike

The Rambo Venom is both sylish and powerful. The ride is smooth, and it has all the power needed. I have been very impressed with this bike.