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Urban Bikes Direct Reviews

Let Our Customers Speak For Us

Here at, we strive to provide you the best customer service in the e-bike industry. In order to achieve this we focus on 3 things.

1) Fastest Shipping in the industry. We fulfil every order within 3 hours of purchase and our average delivery time is 3-5 days. 

2) Call, email and chat support with the most trained ebike experts in the industry. 

3) Focus on the process after you place your order. We ensure every customer will be satisfied. We do this by providing frequent updates on shipments and any other necessary information.


Based on 659 reviews

I bought this for my daughter for her Birthday and she loves it! She rides it every single day that she can. It’s the cutest thing ever!

great trike

I use this trike around the 1 acre I own in California and it makes my life so much easier--love this trike

350 miles in and just getting started

Bought the ebike in January. Surprisingly, the 16" wheels were perfect for stability in the snow and ice. What a way to get started. Now it's Spring and all the paths are clear. Rides to the bank, to the stores and now 15 miles cross-town to work. What a delight. Simple, strong, effortless. Like with the X5. Happy Day.

Great product

Very happy with my fenders & luggage rack. But you sent me a double order, 4 fenders & 2 racks. Do not know where to return extra set. Send me a return label so I can return the extra order. Thank you. Very happy with your product.

Seagull battery

Thank you for the battery and the good customer service..

Discovery X 5

Very pleased with this bike a lot of fun to ride and a good price

It’s really very good. I recommend this product!

Good service

Good product good service

Jupiter Discovery X5 Refurbished 350W Folding Electric City Bike


Was missing a bolt for the fender bike had a scratch my wife loves it

The bike is a little jewel.

I like everything about the bike. I totally enjoy the ride. Since it’s a refurbished bike, I would appreciate having a small jar of white paint for the touch-ups.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift
Dahlia Govia-Jimenez
Awesome Razor Crazy Cart Shift

This is amazing. I love it and my son loves it even more. He can’t get enough of it.

Big Dog in Minnesota

First off, the Green Bike Big Dog Off Road is a great bike that I really like and would buy again. My reasons for picking this bike had to do with the price, high end features, and support from the manufacturer.

It’s easy to buy a bike from a local shop that will give you face to face support. Buying on-line is riskier. I did some research and found only one complaint for Green Bike on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) web site. The customer was complaining about bike failures while he was traveling around his apple orchard. Even though that could be thought of as a “commercial” use, Green Bike offered replacement or a full refund. That’s a company that stands behind its product. When I had some minor issues and called, they offered to pay if I needed to take it to a local bike shop. They also stock the parts and will quick ship them to you as needed. When I had a battery failure they sent a label to ship it back to them and returned it fixed within 2 weeks. I hated not being able to ride, but it’s good to know they will take care of it.

The high end features I like include a 750 motor carries my 230 lbs to 22 mph on flat ground. I only have to peddle on very steep hills. But don’t expect to be spinning the rear tire like you see in their ad. I’m a Harley guy and know something about torque. This is just a bicycle. The battery is the biggest in the business. So far my butt gives out long before the battery. Also the mag wheels, hydraulic brakes, front/rear lights, gel seat, and fenders are things you would pay extra for on most bikes.

Onr thing that’s not mentioned in the description is the handlebars don’t fold. I looked all over for a picture of it folded and couldn’t find one. All the pictures were for the “Extreme” and that one does have folding handlebars. Also mentioned in another review was that the seat can’t be adjusted very low. The height works for me at 5’9” but wouldn’t work for my wife. I know “real” bikers adjust the seat so their legs are nearly straight when peddling. I don’t feel comfortable that high. That also means peddling isn’t very comfortable, and I’m okay with that. I like cruising bike trails using only battery power.

I was getting a lot of error “0009” codes on the bike computer screen. I thought there was something wrong with it until I discovered it was my own fault. I would accidentally jerk the throttle on and off over large bumps. The seat is better than most, but my butt is bigger than most, so I ordered a bigger bike seat, padded better for seniors. It helps but I still like to take a stretch break every hour or less. But I did that on my Harley too, so maybe it’s just me.

This is a pretty good electric bike for the price. And now after 2 Minnesota summers, I still like it, and would buy it again. Enough said.

Grandson gift

Giving it to my grandson for his birthday which is the end of January, so haven't used yet. I know he will live it. Dealing with Urban Bike has been so easy.

nice ride, great value

This bike makes my wife very happy. We bought it to be portable and functional but it get more use for fun. We have not pushed the limits of the battery, longer rides have been in the 10 to 14 mile range, but there is plenty of reserve charge left at that point. The bike is a bit small form me at 6' 2" but still fun.

Nakto City Cargo Pony Electric City Bike
Wow what a fun time I am having with my new ebike!
Nakto Pony

I’m 5’2” age 67, this ebike is perfect! Had to get familiar with it slowly as it didn’t come with instructions, plus I could not test it anywhere! I love this fast, fun, cute 20 inch high ebike! I can easily stop and put my foot on the ground while still setting on the seat! PERFECT!

Slowly But Surely

Customer Service was slow/non-responsive with my queries when Jupiter e-bike would ship, but eventually replied and I finally received it. Perhaps COVID-19 shipping delays? Completely happy with my Jupiter Discovery X5 e-bike in Star Wars color white/black.

So far so good would recommend

Love this board!

This is my second board I've owned and the difference between my older board and this one is amazing! It has higher topspeed, better hill climbing ability, better acceleration, and stronger braking. It handles my stone driveway well except the soft sand sections where it gets stuck. They put rumble strips in the middle on one of my old favorite roads to ride on which really got on my nerves but now I can ride right over them! The range could be better. I probably should have spent the extra money on a better battery but oh well. I highly recommended this board!

Excellent buy Discovery X-5

TWIMC@Urban Bikes Direct: great buy, just like new purchase.

Razor Crazy Cart
Christian Eggert
So Much Fun

Just get it, you won't regret it. It will require maintenance, but totally worth it for the fun!

Great product and great service!

Amazing Bike

This bike is amazing. The throttle is great to use when you're in need of some pick up so smooth and powerful. And the assisted pedal levels are insane! I never go above 2 for the pedal assist. Even though this bike is a lower-priced e-bike, Don't let that stop you, I am so amazed by this bike so smooth.