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Urban BIkes Direct Reviews

Let Our Customers Speak For Us

Here at, we strive to provide you the best customer service in the e-bike industry. In order to achieve this we focus on 3 things.

1) Fastest Shipping in the industry. We fulfil every order within 3 hours of purchase and our average delivery time is 3-5 days. 

2) Call, email and chat support with the most trained ebike experts in the industry. 

3) Focus on the process after you place your order. We ensure every customer will be satisfied. We do this by providing frequent updates on shipments and any other necessary information.


Based on 639 reviews
Grandson gift

Giving it to my grandson for his birthday which is the end of January, so haven't used yet. I know he will live it. Dealing with Urban Bike has been so easy.

We received the wrong bike and the accessories we ordered did not match the bike we received- tur...

We received the wrong bike. One that was not worth as much money. I kept the bike and asked for the one I ordered in addition (pay for both). Everything was delayed and the accessories I ordered were not correct at that point. I did not get any compensation for any of the delays and mixups that were not my fault.

nice ride, great value

This bike makes my wife very happy. We bought it to be portable and functional but it get more use for fun. We have not pushed the limits of the battery, longer rides have been in the 10 to 14 mile range, but there is plenty of reserve charge left at that point. The bike is a bit small form me at 6' 2" but still fun.

Razor Crazy Cart
Amanda Vanzwaluwenburg
Battery needed replacement

brand new, battery wasn't lasting more than 20 minutes on the mid-sized cart we bought, compared to twice that long for the small cart we bought our daughter.

So excited for this bike!

The bike arrived in great condition with the exception of the front mud flap screw…the screw was inserted so tightly that trying to loosen it in order to install the front mud flap caused the screw to become stripped…is it possible to receive a replacement screw/washer set? Besides this now cosmetic flaw the bike arrived in perfect condition and I would love to give this a 5 star review if a new screw could be ordered/received. Thank you!

Refurbished e bike

Working well but battery only works about 15 miles.

Enjoying my Jupiter Defiant

I am quite happy with this purchase … admit that I’ve only used the bike a bit, but very pleased with how it handles hills. The user manual leaves quite a bit to be desired. As for Urban Bikes Direct, I would recommend them to others. I would note that the delay (due to availability) led to numerous interactions with UBD staff who were always polite and helpful on the phone, but spotty in follow up returning calls/status as promised in the calls. In the end, they came through!

Nakto City Cargo Pony Electric City Bike
Wow what a fun time I am having with my new ebike!
Nakto Pony

I’m 5’2” age 67, this ebike is perfect! Had to get familiar with it slowly as it didn’t come with instructions, plus I could not test it anywhere! I love this fast, fun, cute 20 inch high ebike! I can easily stop and put my foot on the ground while still setting on the seat! PERFECT!

Slowly But Surely

Customer Service was slow/non-responsive with my queries when Jupiter e-bike would ship, but eventually replied and I finally received it. Perhaps COVID-19 shipping delays? Completely happy with my Jupiter Discovery X5 e-bike in Star Wars color white/black.

So far so good would recommend

Love this board!

This is my second board I've owned and the difference between my older board and this one is amazing! It has higher topspeed, better hill climbing ability, better acceleration, and stronger braking. It handles my stone driveway well except the soft sand sections where it gets stuck. They put rumble strips in the middle on one of my old favorite roads to ride on which really got on my nerves but now I can ride right over them! The range could be better. I probably should have spent the extra money on a better battery but oh well. I highly recommended this board!

Excellent buy Discovery X-5

TWIMC@Urban Bikes Direct: great buy, just like new purchase.

Joyor Y10-S scooter

Well the button they don't tell ya what it goes to on the right handlebar engages and disengages the front wheel and if you don't know can really give ya a spill on first engagement !!
It is fast and does well.
But watch the brake cables. If they are messed with much by vibration or moving too much can trigger the brake malfunction error and shuts the scooter down mid ride and cannot be started until ya wiggle the cables and zip tie it down to NOT MOVE . Was not fun to push the scooter well over a mile to get it home and have to spend some hours to find out what the error code was.
No instruction manual on what the buttons are for on the handle bars or what these codes or how to fix come with the scooter. So kinda stabbing blind and if you don't have computer access and some luck in finding other users who know what the codes are and how to fix the said codes are kinda out of luck.
Hopefully somewhere the codes will be fully published on a single site to be found by new users someday.

Electric bike

This is my first bicycle, I very enjoy it we love it! Thanks!

Razor Crazy Cart
Christian Eggert
So Much Fun

Just get it, you won't regret it. It will require maintenance, but totally worth it for the fun!

Great product and great service!

Amazing Bike

This bike is amazing. The throttle is great to use when you're in need of some pick up so smooth and powerful. And the assisted pedal levels are insane! I never go above 2 for the pedal assist. Even though this bike is a lower-priced e-bike, Don't let that stop you, I am so amazed by this bike so smooth.


Bike worked as expected.


so glad i ordered my scooter It is better than i expected!

Kool light weight folding bike

My first 1 got stolen in the first week so didn’t really put it to the test to give a proper review but just bought another so ask me in a far I really like it.but only put 5 miles so far.

Amazing product and even better customer service!!

I had a few small issues when I initially received the bike, but dealing with customer service was a breeze. They answered me promptly, and handled my issues expediently!! The bike itself is AMAZING!! No complaints, besides one: the seat isn't super comfy, BUT it is an easy fix with a seat cover !!! I cannot wait for warmer weather so I can get back outside !!!

Best Purchase Ever!!

By far the best purchase I have ever made ❤ My favorite part of course besides those fat tires is the dolphin scoop frame, you guys rock There at Urban Bikes Direct 5 stars all day ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I am still waiting for for the case for the bick that i got in Oct

Lots of fun but keep it dry! :-)

love it.

having limited use of my legs, we love our Jupiter bikes to take camping with us. Now I can enjoy nature trails and long rides on the sandy beaches where we like to go camping.