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Ecomotion Electric Bikes

Ecomotion bikes brings you the perfect combination of quality, style and durability. Ecomotion has five different bike options and mainly that mainly fall into the electric cruiser bike and electric city bike categories. Read our article on how to choose the perfect electric bike for you.


"Ecomotion ebikes brings the perfect cobination of quality, style and durability"

Quality LG batteries that will take you dozens of miles before needing a recharge.

High-end motors. hydraulic brake sets, LCD displays. Super comfortable suspension seats. The features are all standard when you purchase an Ecomotion ebike. 

With a large variety of riding styles, from daily eCOMMUTERS, Core pro electric mountain bike to FAT-TIRES All-TERRAINERS, Ecomotion makes the ebike experience exclusive, unique and fun! 

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