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Civi Bikes Electric Bikes

Civi Bikes Electric Bikes

Civi Bikes offers 4 different unique products to the electric bike industry. They offer two city bikes, an electric mountain bike and a electric cruiser. One of our best selling bikes is the Civi Bikes Cheetah electric cruiser bike. Click here to see the top 2020 sellers of Civi Bikes  Civi Bikes bestselling electric bike is the Civi Bikes Cheetah followed by the Civi Bikes Predator. 

The best selling Civi Cheetah was Inspired by the 1960s Cafe Racer motorcycles, the Civi Bikes Cheetah is a powerful, stylish electric cruiser bike. Cafe Racers were developed by British motorcycle enthusiast of the late 1960's from Watford and London, where the bikes were used for short and quick rides between cafes. The bikes represented speed, status and rebellion. 

The Civi Bikes Cheetah electric cruiser offers a unique handle bar and a big front light, which are two key features of the Cafe Racers. Civi Bikes offer four bikes including an electric city bike, electric cruiser and electric mountain bike. The Civi Predator electric mountain bike offers high quality electric mountain bike that is great for light trails and has gained popularity for commuters. If you want a small folding high quality electric city bike, check out the Civi Bikes Rebel electric city bike.

Top Reasons to Choose Civi Bikes

  • Exhilarating - Civi Bikes are fast and fun to ride. They have comfortable seating to allow you to enjoy the bike for hours. The Civi Bikes Cheetah is a very powerful ebike and gets up to speed very quick. 
  • Stylish - If its one thing that makes Civi Bikes stand out its the style they put into the bike. Bike appearance has been a priority for Civi Bikes and they have slick, fancy designs. 
  • Safety - Civi Bikes have high quality brakes, great suspension, and many options have fat tires to which allows for more traction. 
  • Comfort - Civi Bikes ebikes have a comfortable wide seat and has great suspension features including front suspension, rear suspension and seat suspension.  
  • Variety of Colors and Options -Civi Bikes offers a wide variety of ebikes and colors. Every manufacturer has white and black options, but Civi Bikes takes it to the next levels with offering colors like blue, red and brown for their popular Civi Cheetah electric bike.