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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer
Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

ICONIC Warranty

Warranty Info 

Each new Iconic electric bike comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty for the original retail purchaser. This warranty provides each original retail purchaser of an Iconic eBike with a warranty against manufacturer’s defects only. 

Warranty claims only exist for initial faults that were already present at the time of handover. Iconic EBikes grants a 1-year guarantee for manufacturing defects only. 

Iconic EBikes reserves the right to determine if the product has been operated in accordance with the products intended use and whether user error and or neglect is the cause for the product damage or failure. Iconic Ebikes will require video and photographic submissions to review each warranty claim. If the issue is not clearly evident in the submitted photos, customer will be required to send additional video or photos that clearly shows the issue or concern. 

If your product arrives with a defective component (ex: Controller, Display, Cadence or Torque Sensor, Battery and Motor) and reported within 3 working days from the delivery date, Iconic Ebikes will cover the component under our warranty policy listed below. Component replacements do not necessitate a full ebike replacement or are eligible for a refund as long as Iconic Ebikes has been given the opportunity to repair any failed components back to working, like-new condition. If a component cannot be repaired, Iconic Ebikes will replace that failed component.  

Iconic Ebikes reserves the right to use substitute parts, materials and equipment that meet equivalent value and Iconic Ebikes’s quality standards as part of any warranty claim. 

Warranty Inclusions (Main Components) 

  • Controller 
  • Display  
  • Motor  
  • Frame 
  • Forks  
  • Battery  
  • Headlight 

This warranty shall be effective only if all the following conditions are met: 

  • If the bike was purchased directly from or one of our authorized retailers. 
  • If you are the original and first owner of the bike (warranty is not transferable) 
  • If the bike has followed all intended use purposes 
  • If the electronics have not been repaired or modified. 
  • Although professional assembly is not required, we suggest our bikes be assembled by a knowledgeable bike mechanic or professional. If any components are damaged as result of the customer incorrectly installing a component, the customer will be responsible for replacement and shipping costs. (ex: Crank arm damage, stripped bolts, damaged headset from improper assembly, etc) 
  • Rider and purchaser is 18 years of age or over and possesses the legal capacity and authority to purchase and ride an eBike. 
  • The bike is ridden only on paved roads and trails. Using the bike for any other purpose may result in serious injury. 
  • Maximum total weight of rider including any cargo is at all times below 300lbs. 

Warranty Exclusions 

The warranty applies only to customers purchasing in the contiguous United States. No other party other than Iconic Ebikes may change the terms. This WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER THE FOLLOWING: 

  • Normal wear and tear from use or exposure to the elements. 
  • Damage or failure from abuse, neglect, misuse, or accident. 
  • Damage or failure from modification of any of the bike’s systems. 
  • Damage or failure of any part of the electrical system resulting from improper storage or charging of the battery. Improper charging of the battery could cause serious external damage to persons or property. 
  • Installation of any 3rd party parts, accessories, or electrical components. 
  • Lost or damaged keys to the bike are not covered by warranty. 
  • If customer does not provide sufficient video or photographic evidence of the warranty claim. 
  • All warranties are void if used for any purpose other than the reasonable intended use. 

Wear and Tear 

Wear and tear refer to damage that is caused inevitably over time through normal use of the bicycle. This also applies to scratches and other potential damage to paint and finishes. The bicycle may over time develop creaks and other minor noises indicating maintenance is needed. This following non-exhaustive list covers items that are considered wear items excluded from warranty: 

  • Headset, hub, and wheel bearings 
  • Brake pads and brake rotors 
  • Freehub bodies and freewheels 
  • Handlebar grips, saddle covers and pedals 
  • Shift and brake cables, and housing 
  • Derailleurs, chains, belts, and cassettes 
  • Spokes and spoke nipples 
  • Tires and inner tubes 
  • Basket liners 

How To Handle Warranty Claims 

Iconic Ebikes will cover labor and parts within the 30-day period after purchase. Our credit for labor is based on a standard fee schedule for bike repairs and could be higher or lower than the cost at your local bike shop. You must wait for us to ship warrantied component rather than replacing on your own. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping replacement components, if the component is in stock. In the rare occasion that a replacement component is not in stock, Iconic Ebikes reserves the right to obtain the product from a third part vendor and will not be responsible for any potential shipping delays. It is the owner’s responsibility to immediately inspect your bike on receipt, within 3 days.  Freight claims are time sensitive. To quickly resolve the issue the owner must send an email with a photo and/or video if appropriate to Urban Bikes Direct. We will make any necessary repairs to remedy the situation. 

After 30-day free repair period Iconic EBikes will ship replacement parts within the first year at no charge.  The owner will be responsible for labor. Warranty parts will be shipped in the U.S. only at our cost. It will be necessary to send an email with a photo and or video as appropriate to our Support Team

Iconic Ebikes reserves the right to make judgement determinations of proper use based on the evidence provided and may require additional photos and or videos of the item or issue in question.