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QuietKat Electric Hunting Bike Review

QuietKat Electric Hunting Bike Review

Are you looking for a stylish and comfortable way to travel? Do you want an electric bike that has a powerful battery? Do you want something that can work across all types of terrain? Then, you’ll love the range of electric hunting bikes from Urban Bikes Direct. They come with multiple features, including;

  •   Powerful Lithium-ion battery, so you can travel further.
  •   Strong suspension, so you have a smoother ride.
  •   Heavy load capacity, so you can take your gear with you.
  •   Digital display, so you can keep track of the amount of charge remaining.
  •   Multiple colors and sizes to choose from, so you find something that will suit you.

Powerful Lithium-ion Battery


Let’s start our electric hunting bike review by discussing the powerful battery options available on each of these bikes. By using lithium-ion technology, you will be able to get a great range from your battery charge. On the Apex, Ranger, and Predator bikes, this is around 20 miles. This will give plenty of distance to get to your hunting location. In addition, both the Predator and Ranger offer a top unassisted of 20 mph, while the Apex can provide 25 mph. Also, when you use the battery, you will be able to move quietly. This will help you track animals without alerting them to your presence.

Excellent Suspension


Often, when hunting, you will need to move through rough terrain. Thankfully, the excellent suspension on these hunting electric bikes makes this experience more comfortable. It will also be able to make sure that any sensitive gear arrives in good condition. The Apex and the Predator bikes offer air suspension, while the Ranger gives coil suspension. They also have sophisticated gear options, making it easier for you to get allowing you to use it in multiple circumstances. 

Load Capacity

When you go hunting, you will often have to transport some gear with you. This is another huge benefit to choosing one of the best electric hunting bikes on the market. The Apex, Ranger, and Predator all come with a load capacity of 300 pounds.

Digital Display

Another key part of choosing an electric hunting bike is making sure that you can keep track of the amount of charge remaining. The digital display makes this easy. This will allow you to conserve the battery more efficiently, making sure that it lasts through the trip. It will also make it easier for you to track your speed, and the number of watts your battery is using.

Multiple Colors And Sizes To Choose From

Finally, there is some flexibility in the type of model that you choose. There are multiple different colors to choose from. This will ensure that you find an e-bike that suits your style. In addition, you will be able to pick between multiple bike sizes. This will ensure that you find something that makes you feel comfortable. So, take some time to look through the selection of the best electronic hunting bikes on the Urban Bikes Direct site to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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