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Top 10 Reasons To Own an Electric Hunting Bike

Top 10 Reasons To Own an Electric Hunting Bike

Many people use motorized vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles or cars to go hunting. However, these vehicles are noisy and damaging to the environment. Walking is too difficult because you need an efficient way to carry your equipment and, eventually, your game. So, what vehicle is practical, quiet, can cover various terrain, and lead to a better hunting experience? Why, a good hunting ebike, of course!

Here are the top 10 reasons to own an electric hunting bike:

  • Go Farther and Save Time – electric hunting bikes help you go farther in a fraction of the time it would take to walk. Make the most of your time to catch more game!
  • More Quiet – Good electric hunting bikes are very quiet, not noisy like cars, motorcycles, or ATVs, making hunting easier. 
  • No Scent Trail - you can move around without leaving a scent trail and maintain the element of surprise.
  • Go Further to Unspoiled Spots - You can go farther than any average hunter is willing to walk. An electric bike can handle any difficult terrain due to its fat tires.  A good ebike can help you go through sand, ice, surface water, and ice without slipping, getting stuck in the middle, or sinking. Get to those sweet spots!
  • Check Trail Cameras Quickly -  Electric hunting bikes can go between 20 and 30 mph depending on the model.  You can check your perimeter and trail cameras quickly and be back for any action.
  • Stay Out Longer - With the possibility to carry more gear and supplies as well as explore better hunting terrain, you can stay out longer to enjoy your hunting experience.
  • Limited Mobility? No Problem! - Electric hunting bikes makes it easier for anyone to reach distant spots without the fatigue of hiking with gear so elderly hunter or those with limited mobility can get back out hunting again.  You can also pair the bike with a trailer or durable rack and carry as many supplies as needed such as a flashlight, guns, bows, first aid kit, towel, cushion, gloves, etc.
  • Better Accessibility - electric bikes can help you go through narrow paths because they are lightweight and portable. The Department of Agriculture Forest Service of the U.S. reports that more than 6,000 miles of roads and trails are open for e-bikes for hunting spots across the United States. 
  • Save Money - According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the annual cost an average person has to spend on a car is $10,728. It includes the cost of fuel, insurance, registration, licensing, and maintenance. The cost of gas alone for motorized vehicles is enough reason to purchase an electric hunting bike. Ebikes are much cheaper and cost about $200 annually for maintenance after purchase. 
  • Stay Safe – Electric hunting bikes can protect you by potentially getting you out of a dangerous situation quickly. 

Below are links to the best hunting bikes:

1.  Bakcou Mule - Best Selling Electric Hunting Bike 

2.  Rambo Nomad and Venom  - Best Mid Drive Electric Hunting Bike

3.  QuietKat Warrior - Best Mid Drive Electric Hunting Bike for taller people

4.  QuietKat Jeep - Best All Terrain Electric Hunting Bike

5.  QuietKat Ranger - Best Rear Hub Electric Hunting Bike

6.  Rambo Megatron X2WD - Best All Wheel Drive Electric Hunting Bike

7.  Bakcou Kodiak - Best New All Wheel Drive Electric Hunting Bike

8.  Rambo Rebel - Best 1000W Electric Hunting Bike

9.  Bakcou Storm -  Best 750W Electric Hunting Bike

10. QuietKat Apex - Best for Load Hauling

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