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What To Look For in an Electric Bike if You Are Tall

bakcou carbon alpha

Electric bikes for tall men and women

You know you're tall when you can't fit on a regular bike. You've tried, but it's just too uncomfortable. Your knees are up in the air and your back is hunched over. It's not ideal. You need an electric bike that can accommodate your long legs and give you the power to pedal up those hills. Well, you don't have to suffer anymore because we've got some great options for you. So don't miss out on the fun of biking, get an electric bike made for tall riders like you.


Frame size

Taller riders will need a larger frame size to feel comfortable on the bike because they will need more space to accommodate their long legs. A larger frame size such as a 23" - 24" will also give taller riders more leverage when pedaling, making it easier to power up hills.

Wheel size

Taller riders may feel more comfortable on a bike with larger wheels because they will have more stability and balance. Larger wheels (usually 26" size) will also make it easier for taller riders to roll over obstacles, such as curbs and potholes.  The larger wheel size has twice the amount of spoke cross, making for enhanced durability. Some bikes even come with fat tire wheels for better stability and durability, which is another consideration that might be worth exploring when you're out bike shopping.

Seat height

The seat height should be high enough so that tall riders can comfortably reach the pedals. If the seat is too low, taller riders will have to lean forward, which can cause discomfort in the back and shoulders. A seat that is too high can make it difficult for riders to put their feet down when stopped, which can be dangerous. How do you know if the seat height is appropriate for you? Simply sit on the bike and make sure that only the front of your feet touch the ground. In other words, your heels should be up the air. If you are new to cycling, this may feel unusual and "too tall"; however, it is necessary in order to avoid a cramped position on the bike and avoid injuring your feet.

Adjustable Handlebars

If you're tall, you know that one size does not fit all. That's why adjustable handlebars are a must for electric bikes made for taller riders. It can be difficult to find a comfortable grip on a regular-sized electric bike. Look for a bike with adjustable handlebars that can be raised or lowered to create a comfortable, customized fit. By adjusting the handlebars, you can make sure that your hands are in the perfect position for your height so your arms can stay straight and somewhat parallel to the shoulder while riding. This will give you more control over the bike and make it more comfortable to ride.

Now that you know what to look for in an electric bike for tall men and women, check out some of our top picks.

Top Picks

Green Bike USA GB750 Mag: This bike has a powerful 750W motor that can help you power up hills. Even though it has 20-inch wheels, it has a minimum seat height of 37 inches with a recommended rider height between 5'7" and 6'7", making it a great option for taller riders. The Low Step model also can accommodate riders up to 6'7" in height.

Nakto Camel Cruiser: This electric bike has a large frame and 26-inch wheels. It's a great option for taller riders who want a comfortable, stable ride. Enjoy easy riding with 3 power option: full throttle, pedal assist, or manual mode. Suitable for people up to the height of 6’6″, you can be cruising around town in no time. Nakto manufactures 2 versions of its Camel Cruiser, one designed for men and the other designed for women. This bike is a great budget option.

Nakto Super Cruiser: This electric bike also has a large frame and 26-inch wheels. It's a great option for taller riders who want a bit more speed. It has a top speed of 35 mph. The nice 4" tires given the rider great stability to enjoy the fun of riding on any terrain including snow, sand, and muddy ground. The recommended user height is between 5’6” and 6’8”. This is another great budget option.

QuietKat Apex: Now if you are looking for a monster of an electric bike, QuietKat bikes are amongst the top in power and quality. The QuietKat Apex comes with a choice in powerful motors in either 750W or 1000W. The 26" x 4.5" all terrain tires can tackle all surfaces. They come in a various of sizes, but the large size is built for riders taller than 6 feet. With a load capacity of 325 lbs, big and tall riders can fully take advantage of a motored bicycle with the QuietKat Apex. In fact, the large size in many of the QuietKat bikes are built for tall riders, so be sure to check out our collection of QuietKat electric bikes.

Bakcou Carbon Alpha:  Built to be the lightest and most powerful electric mountain bike (eMTB) in its class, the Carbon Alpha doesn’t disappoint. The carbon fiber frame, combined with the lightweight Bafang M600 motor, means this eMTB can go the distance without the weight. What the carbon fiber frame lacks in weight, it makes up for in quality. The carbon fiber frame is 8x stronger than aluminum and has better shock absorption, plus better corrosion resistance. The Carbon Alpha is a full-suspension electric mountain bike built with the best RockShox on the market, which gives it the capability to smooth out the most aggressive trails. The largest frame size is designed for those 6' or taller in height.


Electric bikes are a great option for tall riders because they offer a comfortable ride and our recommendations can be easily adjusted to fit the rider's height. Our recommendations are all great options for taller riders who want a stable, powerful ride. So don't miss out on the fun of biking, get an electric bike made for tall riders like you.



What are some things to consider when choosing an electric bike for a tall person?

When choosing an electric bike for a tall person, you should consider the frame size, wheel size, seat height, and the presence of adjustable handlebars. You will want to make sure that the bike is comfortable for you to ride and that it can accommodate your height. The best electric bike for a tall person would be one that has a large frame size, large wheels, adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars. It should also have a powerful motor to help the rider power up hills.

What are some recommended electric bikes for tall people?

Some of the best electric bikes for tall people include:

Green Bike USA GB750 MAG

Green Bike USA GB750 Low Step

Nakto Camel Cruiser for Men

Nakto Camel Cruiser for Women

Nakto Super Cruiser

QuietKat Apex

Bakcou Carbon Alpha


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