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5 Best Electric Bikes For The Money

Some electric bikes can get expensive. It is important for you to consider a variety of factors, and set your top priorities, before you decide how much money to spend on an electric bike. If you have something that is a must-have, then you will need to get that bike almost regardless of price.

However, if your priorities are mostly “wants” and not “needs,” then you can really shop around for the best price. Don’t forget – you also might be able to buy a previously owned bike for a cheaper price than a brand new one.

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Top Electric Bikes for the Money

We reviewed everything you need to know about electric bikes. Below is a look at our top recommendations for the best electric bikes that get great bang for the buck.

JupiterBike Defiant

With fat tires, this is a great option if you will do a lot of trail riding or riding on roads with less than ideal conditions. This bike can handle snow, sand, mud, or just about any debris on a roadway.

If you frequently ride in conditions that are less than ideal for bikes, you cannot go wrong with this option. The last thing you want to do is buy a bike that is not equipped and not capable for doing the type of bike rides that you will do most often. Do not risk blowing tires and ruining your bike just because you want to save some money and not buy the right kind of bike that would meet your needs.

Green Bike USA 750W Low Step

Is fast charging the battery a priority for you? How about the ability to fold it up and store in a small space? If these are priorities, you want this bike. You can charge quickly, and easily store this bike in a small space like in a dorm room or small studio apartment.

This bike would easily fit folded up and stored under a bed or a couch. You can keep this bike stored out of sight and out of mind if you do not have a big place to store it.

Nakto Camel

This is considered a good value choice, with a lot offered for the lower price. You even get a basket on this bike, so if you are looking for an option with extra space to store books and things, you can’t go wrong here.

If you are a taller person, this might not be a great option, as some of the controls could be hard to use. However, if you are petite, you can get away with purchasing this economical option, and the gears and controls should not be a problem for you.

X-treme Malibu 36V

Designed as a beach cruiser, this is a low and slow model that can handle some bumpy terrain at a moderate pace. You can cruise at 20 miles per hour with this cruiser, so getting places efficiently is not an issue. There are actually four speeds to choose from, giving you a variety of options.

Ecotric Hammer

The fat tires make this another good option if you live in snowy conditions or plan to bike on trails or bumpy roads, you will not blow out a tire. You will not have to worry about the safety concerns of getting stranded somewhere with a bad tired.

A vintage bike, it is designed to give off the look and feel of the 1970s. If you want a bike that looks cool and would give you some street cred, you cannot go wrong buying this vintage style electric bike.

Things to consider when buying an electric bike

Price is not the only factor you need to consider. So, what should your priorities be when you are purchasing an electric bike? Decide what your top priorities are, and how much you are willing to spend. Consider some of the following key concerns when purchasing an electric bike:

New or Used

Do you need to have a new bike? You might be able to get a bike that is very similar to a new one, but pay a little bit less money if you get it in used condition. While a used bike could need more maintenance, which could cost money, you could potentially save several hundred dollars off the cost of a new electric bike.


Don’t forget to consider safety. Some bikes have better braking systems than others, and other bikes have fatter tires making for a safer ride. It is not wise to skimp on safety just to buy a cheaper electric bike. Your health is more important. The wrong cheap bike could end up having cheap brakes that give out when you need them the most. This is not the right area to skimp on money.

Size and Storage of the Bike

The size of the bike on the road might be very important, but so is the size of the bike when it is folded up or ready to be stored. What are your intentions for the bike? Will you be riding it in college and need a bike that folds up small for storage in a dorm room? Or, do you have a big garage and the size and storage needs for the bike are not relevant?

Battery size/Charging Speed

How long do you need the battery to last you during a trip? Battery size might not matter if you are bringing it back to charge frequently. But, if you regularly take long trips, you do not want your battery to die while you are only halfway through your trip.

Terrain and Weather Conditions

Are you only riding your bike on easy, flat roads? Or, will you be on trails or beaches? How about the weather? Some bikes have fat tires and are meant to withstand snow or sand. Decide on where you will be doing most of your bike rides, so you know how much to invest on fat tires.

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