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Best Electric Cruiser Bike Under 1000

If you are in the market for an electric bike, do not stress if you can only spend up to $1,000. We have done a lot of researched and reviewed a lot of bikes, so you do not have to. Analyzing several factors, which we will outline below, we can now easily recommend the best electric bikes in this price range. We will help you decide what is most important to you when making your purchase, and which of our recommendations is right for you. 

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Top Electric Cruiser Bike under 1000

Read our list of the best bikes in this price range, and then below we will also outline all the factors that went in to our decisions – the factors that you should consider before you make your electric bike purchase.

Ecotric Vortex ($659)

This is a city bike, meant to be used on even roads. This bike will not fare well on snow or in sand, but if you are a road warrior, this is a great choice. The mechanical front and rear brakes respond well, and you should be quite safe using this bike on any clean open roads.

This might be the best available electric bike on the market for road riding. If you are using your bike to commute or on a college campus, look no further. Just be careful if you ever think about taking it on trails, as your tires could immediately become damage and you could get stuck out on a trail somewhere.

X-treme Newport 24V ($949)

Made for the beach, this cruiser can handle some terrain, and you are not limited to only open road surfaces. The lightweight aluminum frame and the lightweight battery mean you will not have trouble getting your speed up while you are using this electric bike. While the tires are good for the beach, you should still use caution if you are planning to bike on other bumpy surfaces like trails or over snow. They are thinner tires than some of the fatter tires designed for that terrain.

Since this is an aluminum frame, it is also a good option for riding at the beach. It can handle sand, and the salty air will not rest out the frame, since it is aluminum.

X-treme Malibu Elite 24V ($949)

With this bike, you can even hang a basket on the front. If you need some extra storage this could be your option. Able to cruise on the beach, these tires are a little better than your basic road tire.

The seat has quality springs in it, so you should be able to ride in comfort even over bumpy terrain. If you are used to riding your bike for hours and having a sore tailbone, you will want this bike just based on the quality level of the springs in the seat.

Nakto Camel ($699)

Some of the parts and gears of this bike might be uncomfortable for taller people to use. With that said, this is a quality bike for petite or medium height individuals. The suspension on this bike is quality, and you will not feel it when you go over bumps and difficult terrain. In general, the battery and controls are easy to use and you will be comfortable riding on this bike.

X-treme Trail Climber Elite 24V ($949)

This Trail Climber bike is the best option on the list if you do a lot of riding on trails and other bumpy terrain. The components on this bike are top of the line so you do not have to worry about wearing them out with a lot of use. This might be the most durable option on our list, and if you do a lot of riding, you will appreciate the reliability of this electric bike.

Things to consider when buying an electric bike

Take a look at what we considered when reviewing bikes, and make sure you take all of this into consideration when you are shopping for your electric bike under $1000.

Durability and quality

Make sure that when you are buying an inexpensive bike you do not sacrifice on the quality of parts. A cheaper bike is no good if it breaks on the first use and you need to spend more money replacing parts than you would have spent on a different bike. Not all cheaper bikes are made poorly, just pay attention to the quality of the bike before you purchase. Do some research as to how often other bikers have had problems with parts that break.

Street conditions

Perhaps the most important factor is where you will be riding your bike the most. Bikes are built differently. And a great road bike might have thin tires that would not do well on the beach in sand or on a snowy road. Don’t buy a trail bike for road riding, and don’t buy a road bike for use on a sandy beach. That’s not to say you can’t ever take your bike on an alternate terrain, just consider buying the bike with the right tires for where you will be doing most of your biking.


Do you need your bike to fold up? Some more expensive bikes have options where they fold up and are compact, able to be stored under beds and out of sight. Consider how much room you have to store your bike before you go ahead and make your purchase.

Battery length

Bikes have different batteries. Some last longer than others. Think about how much riding you will ever do at one time. Are you looking to bike for several hours in between charges? Or, are you just going for a quick jaunt, and can recharge easily in between bike rides?

New or Used

You can always think about a used option. There are some great electric bikes available new at a higher price tag, and you can buy one refurbished or slightly used for under $1000. This could be a great way to get a quality bike.

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