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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer
Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Electric Cruiser Bikes

Electric Cruiser bikes do not have any of the folding benefits the electric city bikes have but it is typically more comfortable to ride and more stylish. Electric Cruiser Bikes are great for beaches, neighborhoods and for people who just want to enjoy a nice comfortable ride. They provide a lot of comfort and style to go around, a lot of cushy touch points and relaxed riding position. A popular sector of electric cruiser bikes are step-thru electric cruisers. are now coming out with aof cruiser bikes with a step through feature.

Electric Step Through Cruiser Bikes

Designed for convenience of not having to step over the top bar every time you hop on your bike. It is a feature that typically does not provide much of a cost increase. Electric Step-throughs are number one selling bikes for elderly, but this does not mean you have to be elderly to ride them. Many people enjoy electric step-thru cruiser bikes for the comfort and ease.

If you are still not sure what style electric bike fits best for you, take a look at our Electric Bike Buying Guide

What You Need To Know

Electric Cruisers are build for cruising. They are all about comfort and style. If you are looking for a performance bike, take a look at our Electric Mountain Bike collection. Electric Cruiser Bikes typically have a wide seat and higher handlebars that are pushed towards the rider so you do not have to learn forward to ride. The pedals are typically mounted further forward, which allows the rider rest both feet flat on the ground at stops.