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GreenBike USA Electric Bike Review

We get a lot of questions asking what the differences are between Green Bike USA electric bike models. If you're reading this you may already know that Green Bike USA makes high-quality, powerful electric bikes. This article is to inform you about the different specs on the electric city bikes and guide you to making the right purchase.

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When picking your electric bike, you want to consider a few things before looking too much into the specs.  First, consider your height and which bikes would fit you. Based on this information, you may find out only a few of Green Bike USA electric bikes fit your size. Below we will go over Green Bike USA most popular bikes in 2020. Below is a chart that shows the specs between the different Green Bike USA models. 


GB Low Step 500

The GB750 is a very powerful electric city bike. With a 48V/18.2Ah this bike packs a lot of power! If your height fits into 5'2" - 6'6", then you are able to ride this electric bike. The GB500 Low Step comes with an LCD screen where you can view your distance, speed time and much more. There are 5 levels of pedal assist vs the standard GB500 has 9 levels of pedal assist. The GB500 Low Step does not come with rear suspension but has a great front suspension system. Although it does not come with rear suspension, it does include seat suspension that allows for a smooth ride! Some other great features of the GB500 include turn signals, electric horn, brake lights and a USB outlet to charge your devices. If you are looking for a fun, safe, powerful electric bike, the GB500 Low Step is for you. See the chart below to see all of the specs of the GB500. 



The GB500 is a 20" electric city bike packed with power through the reliable Samsung 500W 8FUN battery. This electric city bike is 48V/13Ah, which means it is less Amps (Ah) than the GB500 Low Step but still contains a lot of power. You can ride the GB500 if you are between 5'2" - 6'5" and weigh less than 280 lbs. This bike includes a nice LCD display that shows distance, speed, pedal assist level and much more. The GB500 has 9 levels of pedal assist (PAS) vs the GB500 Low step having only 5. The GB500 does have front and rear suspension but does not have seat suspension like the GB500 low step. This powerful electric city bike can hold up to 280 pounds and has Tektro front and rear hydraulic disc brakes for safely coming to a stop. The GB500 has a wide variety of color options: white, orange, silver, black, red and blue. Some other great features the GB500 offers is brake lights, turn signal, electric horn and puncture resistant tires. If you are looking for a powerful electric bike to transport you safely and quickly, the GB500 may be for you. See the chart at the bottom of the page for additional specs. 


GB750 Low Step

The GB750 Low Step is a step up from the GB500 models, providing different features and benefits that we will discuss. The GB750 electric bike requires a slightly higher height 5'4" - 6'7" and can carry 340LBS. Are you looking for a powerful electric bike? Well here it is, the GB750 Low Step contains a DLG 48V/18.2Ah battery and a 750W Mxus motor. It contains fat tires which provide a smoother ride with more traction for safety. The fat tires are great for four season including rain, snow, mud and more. The GB750 comes with seat suspension and front suspension, but not rear suspension since the bike has seat suspension. Due to the fat tires, this bike is heavier than the Gb500 models and weighs 77 Lbs. The GB750 Low Step is known to be one of the fastest electric bikes on the market. Some other great features include rear brake lights, turn signals, electric horn and a fancy LCD display. If you are looking for a heavy duty electric city bike, the GB750 Low Step Fat Tire is for you. Enjoy this bike on light trails or through the city on your commute. 


GB750 Fat Tire MAG

The most powerful e-bike listed on is the GB750 Fat Tire Next and the GB750 MAG Fat Tire. The main difference between the GB750 Next and the GB750 Fat Tire above is the amp (Ah) is slightly higher on the next at 20Ah vs 18.4Ah. The GB750 Next is an all purpose e-bike and has incredible suspension in place along with fat tires for a smooth ride. The e-bike is equipped with front and rear suspension and hydraulic brakes that helps with sudden stops and enhances safety. The bike is slightly bigger than the GB750 Fat Tire and requires a height of 5'7". The GB750 Next can haul 340Lbs and has a rear rack for cargo. Available in 5 colors: White, Black, Orange, Blue and Pink. If you are looking for a high quality, powerful and fun ebike, consider the GB750 Next Fat Tire electric bike. 


GB750 Mag

The all new 2020 GB750 Mag is definitely a bike that stands out for many reasons. This is the highest quality bike Green Bike USA offers and is extremely versatile. The powerful electric bike contains a 750W Mxus motor and 20amp (Ah) battery. One of the main differences of the GB750 Mag is it contains 9 pedal assist levels (PAS) vs majority of Green Bike USA bikes contain 5 PAS levels. The Mag comes with a 4A charger vs a 2A and 3A which means it will charge faster than the competition. With the minimum seat height being 37" it is required to be a minimum of 5'7" to operate the electric bike. The Mag has fat tires along with front and rear suspension for a smooth ride. The LCD display allows you to monitor speed, distance, battery level, PAS level and much more. The GB750 Mag is for one looking for a high quality electric city bike and wants power that is not often seen in the industry. 


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