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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Nakto Electric Bike Review

Have you been wondering where to get a sturdy, durable bike that is comfortable, easy to pedal, and has all the latest bells and whistles as far as the world of biking is concerned?

Well, look no further for Nakto Ebikes from Urban Bikes Direct tick all those boxes and guarantee the buyer a ride-par-excellence in all our models.

Below is an electric bike review of the Ebikes that are sure to stir the fancy of even the most fastidious biking enthusiasts and leave them longing for opportunities to display their pair of wheels.

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Easy Riding

Long gone are the manual days when biking was a labor of love, full of sweat and aches. Nakto Ebikes come with pedal assistant pedaling that is sure to take the strain off your feet.

All our three models come with a Shimano 6 speed derailleur that will help you gain speed easily without breaking a sweat. Pictured below is a Nakto best selling ebike Nakto Super Cruiser 500W Electric Fat Tire Bike.


We get it. There are more needs than there is money, and you don’t want to end up with the sour grapes experience of having to sell your bike for junk six months after buying it. What you buy has got to be worth every dollar.

Our bikes come standard with high strength carbon steel that can comfortably carry a load of 110kgs without crumbling.

That’s not all. Our bikes boast of superior car paint that is sure to take the harsh vagaries of our weather without peeling off or fading. With proper maintenance, our bikes will comfortably give you a service of 5 years while in excellent condition. Nakto offers a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. You can view Nakto's Warranty by clicking here.

AdjustablePictured above is best selling Nakto Camel Electric Cruiser. This comes in a Men and women's model. Click here to access the Nakto Camel Mens Electric Cruiser Bike. To view the Nakto Camel Womens Electric Bike click here.

‘’Men are in sizes, seasons are in phases,’’ so they say. The biggest headache for bikers is having an otherwise good bike that is too tall or too short for you.

Our bikes come with an adjustable saddle height that takes into consideration the different heights among the broad spectrum from short Tom to tall Pete. You will be able to adjust your saddle to the height that suits you.

Not only does the saddle height factor for the different heights of our esteemed clients, but it is also a liberating option for personal riding. For those lazy summer days, you can lower your saddle and cruise along slowly. And when the cycling bug hits you, you can raise your saddle and enjoying the rushing wind whiz past you. 


Let’s face it; a bike is as good as it is comfortable. Nobody wants to race in the country roads riding something akin to a Swiss army truck.

Our bikes boast of comfortable big saddles and front fork suspension that absorbs the hits and makes the ride what it rightfully should be: a delight. 


The HD LED headlight on our bikes will enable you to see far enough at night to avoid collisions and obstacles on the road. The expansion real brakes ensure you can brake real-time in case of emergencies, while the safety cut off ensures your bike is safe from the thieves that abound, eager to reap where they did not sow.

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