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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

QuietKat Electric Hunting Bike Review

Undoubtedly, QuietKat is one of the best e-bike manufacturers in the market. The brand is known for its all-terrain, all-electric bikes that are suitable for hunters that have a variety of terrain to overcome. However, QuietKat's line of electric bikes is not just for hunters; their bikes are extremely popular amongst serious ebike riders.  QuietKat is the outdoor industry leader in high-powered electric mountain bikes that help riders gain better access to the great outdoors. QuietKat is focused on the adventurer who wants to voyage farther and deeper to camp, hunt, fish and explore. Riding a QuietKat e-bike into the backcountry has a low impact on the environment and a high return of fun and adventure. QuietKat works to enhance those experiences by building robust and reliable overlanding products. With solid construction, powerful motors and high performance in the field, QuietKat is the “Jeep” of electric mountain bikes.

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Enhancing the electric bike industry

QuietKat enhances not only the electric bike industry, but also the hunting and outdoor recreation industry. They provide a durable, portable and reliable electric bike. With offering a wide variety of models and styles we are certain QuietKat will have a bike for you. 
QuietKat electric bikes are environmentally friendly, powered by lithion-ion batteries for green and quiet operations through any landscape. QuietKat will gear towards your next adventure.

Why purchase a QuietKat electric bike?

  1. Less Air Pollution.
  2. Less Noise Pollution.
  3. Does not leave a scent on the trail if you are hunting.
  4. Goes where gas powered vehicles may not be allowed, more accessible terrain.
  5. Great form of exercise for less active people.
  6. Electric powered rather than gas.
  7. Fun to ride.
  8. Cheaper, easier, lighter and smaller than an ATV, pickup truck or golf cart.
  9. Accesses areas where other vehicles cannot get to.
  10. Less maintenance than a horse.

QuietKat Jeep Electric Mountain Bike

The QuiektKat Jeep electric mountain bike is the perfect marriage between the an iconic, rugged, all-terrain vehicle and the best electric mountain bike.  It is now considered one of the best off-road electric mountain bikes in the industry.  The Jeep is a full-suspension, mid-drive, fat-tire electric bike that comes in 2 models, a 750-Watt Class 2 model and a 1000-Watt unrestricted option. It has a battery range of up to 58 miles, a load capacity of 300 pounds, and sits on Poly 26" x 4.8" fat tires for optimum multi-terrain capability. It can be fully charged in or out of the frame from dead in about 5 hours by our stopwatch. Forbes magazine called it the "all conquering fat tire bulldozer ebike".  If you are serious about your ebike game, the QuietKat Jeep electric mountain bike is for you.

QuietKat Pioneer Electric Mountain Bike

The QuietKat Pioneer electric mountain bike is the perfect mix between power and performance for advanced terrain and trails. The QuietKat Pioneer features a 500 or 750 Watt hub-drive electric motor, Tektro mechanical disc brakes for precise control, single-speed drivetrain, and multiple levels of pedal assist to help you power through tough jobs and moderate climbs. 

QuietKat Apex Electric Mountain Bike

We cannot say enough about the QuietKat Apex electric mountain bike. The Apex features a 1000 Watt mid-drive electric motor, hydraulic brakes for responsive stopping power, air-spring suspension fork for a smoother ride, and a wide 9-speed gearing system to handle all terrain. If you are looking for a bike that you need to trust through any terrain or obstacle, the QuietKat Apex mountain bike is for you.

QuietKat Ranger Electric Mountain Bike

The QuietKat Ranger electric mountain bike provides versatility, performance and price for riders traversing moderate off road terrain. The QuietKat Ranger features a 750 Watt hub-drive electric motor. mechanical disc brakes, a coil spring front suspension fork for a smoother ride, and a wide range 7-speed gearing system to handle most riding situations. This is one of QuietKat's more affordable options. If you are not exploring through the toughest terrain this would be a good fit for you. 

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