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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Ecomotion Warranty Policy

4. Limited Warranty

4.1.  EcoMotion Bikes extends one-year warranty for all of the parts of its products (two-years for the frames & motors), subject to the following provisions:

4.2.  Warranty will be extended upon registration by the customer in our website that will include the uploading of the invoice, in order for the customer to be eligible for the warranty. This must be done within 24 hours from day of the purchasing of the product. 

4.2.1. Notice, if you have purchased the product on this website, there is no need to register your product, we will do it for you!

4.2.2. In case you have encountered difficulties registering please contact us at the e-mail

4.3. In case your product was purchased through resellers or retailers and you wish to activate your warranty, please contact the reseller or retailer from which you have purchased the product.

4.3.1. In case your product was purchased through our website and you wish to activate your warranty, please contact us at the e-mail and make available the following information:

  • Name and phone number for contact.

  • Specification of the malfunction/ problem that requires activation of warranty.

  • Date of purchase.

  • Date product was received.

  • An invoice of the purchase.

Our representative will contact you as soon as possible in order to diagnose the failure and  provide you with a solution for your product. In cases in which you have requested the product to be collected and returned from repair be done by a carrier company, you shall be charged delivery fees for the collection and return of the product by the carrier company or directly by the company, according to the carrier company’s tariff.

In such cases, the product should be packed within a sealed carton, preferably the original casing in which it was delivered (which is sized to fit the product). EcoMotion Bikes will not hold responsible for any damage and / or loss and / or theft of products and/ or other parts etc. In cases in which you have delivered the product for repair at our facilities (after prior coordination of such delivery with our representatives) no fees will be charged. However, customers should be advised that the repairs can take several days and may not be performed at the facility at the day of delivery.

We guarantee repairs to take no longer than 5 business days from the time the product was received by us.

4.3.2. Repairs within warranty will not require any fees, except delivery fees, in cases in which a carrier company was used.

4.4. The Customer hereby waives all and any demands or claims towards EcoMotion Bikes, If the product was not registered in our website.
However, EcoMotion Bikes will inform all of its retailers and resellers that they must register the products at the time of the sale, and that the final customer will not be prevented from bringing forth claims or demands towards the retailers/ resellers if such retailers fail to do so.

4.5. Warranty does not extend to damage/ defects caused by misuse of the product, or the ordinary or reasonable wear and tear of components (including but not limited to: tires, tubes or cables), as a result of negligence and/or accident and/or force major/ and/ or abuse, and/or neglect, and/or improper assembly by customer and/or failure to follow normal maintenance and/ or storage procedures.

4.6. Warranty shall be voided in such cases in which the product was repaired by an uncertified person.

4.7. Warranty shall be voided in such cases in which damage was caused by the removal or addition of parts not certified by the company and/or adding uncertified parts to the product.

4.8. Warranty shall not be in effect and shall be voided if the product is use for any purpose other than the purpose of electric bicycles as defined by Chapter 568 of A.B. 1096. (CA state law)

4.9. The battery or any other party of the product must not be disassembled and/or punctured! such actions are extremely dangerous and may lead to severe injury ! they shall also bring about the immediate voidance of warranty.

4.10. The product must not be used in water.

4.11. The product is meant for private use only; commercial use of the product shall void the warranty.

4.12. We do not offer warranty extensions.

4.13. This warranty is limited to the aforementioned replacement and repair, and is subject to our sole discretion of whether components should be repaired or replaced.

4.14. Repairs outside the warranty shall be priced at the business rates of the businesses at which the product was purchased.