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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer
Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

Mokwheel Warranty

Two (2) Year Limited Warranty


The Two (2) Year Limited Warranty applies to purchases made from authorized channels of Mokwheel. Warranty coverage is not transferable and only applies to the original owner and the original product.


Mokwheel warrants that the unit shall be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for two (2) years from the date of purchase when it is used under normal conditions and maintained according to the requirements outlined in the Owner’s Guide


The warranty begins on the date of purchase and will not cover e-bikes purchased from unauthorized sources. To receive warranty benefits, you must have your receipt as proof of purchase and verify the name & address and all other information submitted to make the purchase. 


What is covered by this warranty?


1. The original unit and/or non-wearable parts deemed defective, at MOKWHEEL’s sole discretion, will be repaired or replaced up to two (2) years from the original purchase date.


2. In the event a replacement unit is issued, the warranty coverage will end six (6) months following the date of the replacement unit or until the end of the existing warranty, depending on which is the latter. MOKWHEEL reserves the right to replace the unit with one of equal or greater value.


3. Batteries and motors: defective batteries and motors will be repaired or replaced for free to the customer. Only Mokwheel can directly evaluate defective batteries and motors.

In addition, for batteries, this warranty does not cover defects or damages caused by the following acts or circumstances.

a. using an unsuitable charger to charge the battery.

b. if any seal on the battery is damaged or shows signs of tampering.

c. if the battery has been used in a device other than the designated bicycle.

What is not covered by this warranty?


1. Normal wear and tear of wearable parts (including without limitation tires, tubes, brake pads, cables, housing, grips, chain, and spokes), which require regular maintenance are all subject to intended use-related wear and are not covered under the warranty from normal wear. Replacement parts are available for purchase at


2. Any unit that has been tampered with or used for unintended purposes.


3. Damage due to the use of the bike in a competition or other applications outside of normal intended use. 


4. Damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligent handling, failure to perform required maintenance (e.g., failure to keep the well of the motor or battery clear of liquids and other debris), or damage due to mishandling.


5. Consequential and incidental damages or defects resulting from failure to follow instructions in the owner’s manual, force majeure, misuse, neglect, and abuse.


6. Damage due to improper tools or inadequate maintenance performed on the bike not authorized by MOKWHEEL


7. Damage resulting from adding non-standard equipment, parts, or technical modifications.


8. These defects include damages caused in the process of shipping, altering, or repairing the product.


9. Products purchased, used, or operated outside of North America.


10. Shipping damages are not covered under warranty and customers must make a report for shipping damage or contact our support team within 7 days of receiving the item.




How to get service


If your purchased product fails to operate properly while in use under normal conditions within the warranty period, visit support for product care and maintenance help or contact


Send photos/pictures so that our technical team may identify what is wrong and help. If it is a problem needing replacement, we will send the component to be replaced and provide you with the proper steps.


MOKWHEEL will cover the cost of shipping for all replacement parts under warranty.


About state laws 


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights that vary from state to state. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above may not apply to you.