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Free Shipping On All Bikes, Skateboards & Scooters | Authorized Dealer

X-Treme Electric Bike Review

X-Treme Electric Bike Review

Electric bikes are rapidly growing in popularity and availability. X-Treme Electric Bike have been in the forefront of the industry since 2001. They manufacture a complete line of electric bikes for causal cruising, commuting, or off-road adventures.

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Urban Bikes Direct offer the best selection of X-Treme electric bikes and the fastest FREE shipping. Bikes are shipped from the X-Treme warehouse, in the state of Washington, directly to you. 2020 is slated to be the “Year of the Electric Bike”. Review the features of X-Treme Electric Bikes and see for yourself why e-bikes are the future.

Creature Comforts

The Catalina 48 Volt Beach Cruiser is made for pure comfort and delight. Attached to the handlebars is an LCD screen that allows you to adjust the 5 levels of speed. As a result,
the Catalina is twice as efficient as models without Smart Power Assist System since you are easily able to adjust power consumption. Furthermore, the easy to use LCD screen
also displays speed, distance, and battery life. In addition to a folding basket and beverage holder, the Catalina includes a USB phone charging port on the LCD screen.

Aluminum Construction

Bikes, especially mountain bikes and beach cruises need to withstand outdoor conditions. The Rubicon 48 Volt Mountain Bike is constructed with aluminum to withstand rust. Everything from the hand-welded lightweight frame, to the rims with quick release axle, and even each bolt are all made with aluminum.


Imagine the smell of the ocean and the breeze coming off the water as you cruise in style on the Malibu 24 Volt Beach cruiser. Take in the sunset while traveling 20MPH. The Malibu can maintain this speed for 20 minutes on a single charge. 


X-Treme e-bikes use Lithium batteries that do not lose power over time, nor do they lose battery life when stored in a charger.

Batteries can be charged while installed in the bike, but it is a best practice to disconnect the battery from the bike prior to charging. 48 Volt bikes, like the Catalina and Rubicon, can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. The Malibu, and other 24 Volt bikes in the X-Treme line-up, will have a fully charged batter in 4-6 hours.


When purchasing through an authorized dealer, such as Urban Bikes Direct, X-Treme bikes include a one-year limited warranty and lifetime frame warranty. The one-year warranty covers manufacturer defects and even includes shipping service costs on the first warranty shipment. 

Not only does X-Treme provide a warranty for the bike, they also provide a one-year* warranty against malfunctioning bicycle batteries (*City Rider battery warranty is for 180 days). After sending the defective battery back to X-Treme, they will replace or repair the faulty battery and ship back to you at no additional cost. 

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